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Thank you all.

We started phase 2 about 5 weeks ago. Challenge foods have been a focus. My D writes down each challenge food she has taken on. It helps to look at the list and watch it grow. It is a visual of the progress she is making. The high calories bother her daily and cause continued outbursts of frustration but her weight has maintained. We start school in 2 weeks so entering a new territory. It has helped that we have given her control over preparing her breakfast for weeks now (she is 14). We look it over and add if we need to but it has gone well. Will be doing the same for her lunches as she prepares for school. Seen more laughs and smiles in phase 2. She is coming back to us! 
We’re at this stage too... trying to figure out what works to keep relapse at bay. 5 months post WR and 13 year old D needs close to 6000 calories a day, although not totally sure because I refuse to count calories now, we just go on portion size and I black out all the nutritional info on snack boxes. D needs me to portion meals otherwise she gets very anxious, but she chooses her snacks and usually eats double what I used to give her during refeeding. Her metabolism is in overdrive, plus she has grown almost 3 inches in the last few months. The last few days she has been upset about the amount of food she’s been choosing for herself at snack, so I am hyper aware that she may restrict. I took over afternoon snack yesterday and she fought me a little but actually seemed relieved at the end that I required her to eat more.