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Thanks, just so hard at times and I know everyone knows this too. Getting educated and trying to make the best choices and figure out mentally, financially and everything else how we can handle with summer coming up.

We had 2 guinea pigs for like 6 1/2 years before they died. My wife said never again on having them. But maybe we should reconsider. Life has thrown us all a curve.... and never say never right ?
Everyone wants that " magic bullet". We have ALL been in your shoes and it is all just so goddamn overwhelming and terrifying. My heart breaks every time there's a new family here.
You know what else was great about getting D a kitten? Kittens need food and water to grow. D was responsible for that. It was a great way to get that message through daily that kittens and people and all living things need food and water. It was also incentive to finish eating etc bc she couldn't see the kitten unless she ate.

You can do this. You can do this. You can do this. Fake it til you make it. Become empowered. Fight this thing. Give it all you've got.
Persistent, consistent vigilance!
I'll be honest.  We agreed to put our d on Prozac early in refeeding.  My rationale:  if it helps even 1%, it's worth trying.  We were going all-out on helping our girl recover.  Food--absolutely.  Therapy--seemed almost like it made things worse, but we did it.  Boundaries around self-destructive behavior--check.  And medication--fine.  The problem was that it became one more thing to battle over.  If we left it up to her (and she was 17--we were used to dealing with an almost-adult), she didn't take it regularly.  And even when I watched her take it, she tricked me over and over.  She could palm a pill like a magician.  This is NOT how you want to take psychoactive medications like these.  And the effects were never seen.  So it either became one more stressful thing (on top of her REAL medicine--food) or it was taken dangerously.  We shouldn't have done it, I see in the rear view mirror.  But that's just my experience.
Colleen in the great Pacific Northwest, USA

"What some call health, if purchased by perpetual anxiety about diet, isn't much better than tedious disease."
Alexander Pope, 1688-1744
Our d went on antidepressants and I think, over time, they did help reduce her anxiety a little, not around eating but around other stuff. Or was it because she was simultaneously regaining weight? Who knows. The doctor also put her on a really mild sleeping medication, like Benadryl, so that she could be less anxious and fall asleep at night.

But our d was happy to try a medication that would maybe make her feel better. Not sure if I would have fought it if she had refused.
My daughter is currently in a terrible state mentally due to lack of nutrition but is not or ever been on medication over last 2 years

Except for sedating her in priory over a few days period and I visited and she was spaced out and bumping into walls and I went mad and demanded she was taken off them immediatley and she was.......

She has never been offered them in Ireland as not effective in her condition.....

I have to agree with mamabear regarding waiting till after WR and beyond........D was not on prior to ED so do not see the need BUT if after WR and beyond she needs them yes then of course I will be in full agreement

My daughter has been on meds and I would not have attempted refeeding without them. We have a long family history of severe depression and I can see now that my daughter was depressed prior to ED.  Mine would never try Zyprexa but took other atypicals for anxiety because the usual drugs for anxiety either oversedated her or had a paradoxical effect.  Food might be medicine but it doesn't solve everything for some kids.
Since so many are sharing personal experiences, here's mine: In the early days, my d was scary depressed with suicidal thinking. The psych put her on Prozac, but the suicidal ideation seemed to get worse during the weeks she was taking it, so we stopped the meds.

"We are angels of hope, of healing, and of light. Darkness flees from us." -YP 
thanks all for the opinions, stories and personal experiences. I really appreciate everyone's openness and honesty. Dr had prescribed generic version of Zoloft. The more I research it, the more I think it is something Im not liking. There was some studies that showed weight gain but also showed weight loss and caused nausea and some other side effects I didn't like reading. So maybe it will help but thinking more so after w/r is attained.