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Have been doing a lot of reading up about Vitamin B1 and it sounds very interesting.  Was wondering whether anybody had any experience of trying this.  It is known as the "anti stress" vitamin and the groups of people who are lacking in it are those on kidney dialysis, alcoholics and those suffering from AN.  My mother first gave it to me when I was struggling with the loss of my first h and it was great at lifting me out of my dark mood.  It is an accumulative vitamin and I am wondering whether it is worth putting my d onto it.  There are no side effects as with SSRI's so can't see any negatives.  Would appreciate if anybody has any further info.
My d has been taking Vitamin B1 for 4-6 weeks now and over the past week or so we have noticed an  enormous change in her mood for the better.  Of course I can't prove that it is due to her taking this vitamin but would really like to hear if anybody else has tried this.  We have been monitoring d very closely due to the fact it has been Christmas and checking for ED/purging behaviours but all seems amazing well.  She is feeling so much better about herself she has decided she will return to school!  I am very happy but also very worried in case she is conning us but she just seems so much like her old self.  She is eating a bigger variety of food and meal times are a stress free experience at the moment.  Just wondering if anybody else has experienced this.  
After many years of spending time with the clinicians in the field I think I can say with confidence that except in hospitalized patients who are at risk of imminent death that supplements are rarely recommended. What most dieticians and physicians say is that there is no short cut to restoring the brain except normal eating. People with eating disorders are nutritionally compromised from not eating enough, or widely enough. Food is medicine!
Laura (Collins) Lyster-Mensh
F.E.A.S.T. Executive Director
Totally agree with what you are saying and my d is responding well to FBT.  I have truly benefitted from taking this vitamin (particularly during the period after my h's death) so felt it was worth having a go.  Just wondering whether the very noticeable change in d's mood was partly due to this or not.