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My 15 yr old daughter is recently diagnosed with RAN. We got on this very early - her weight isn't dangerously low yet although she lost 10% of her body weight quickly, her HR is still normal, but she is still very resistant to eating what her dietician wants her to eat, has a huge list of fear foods, body image issues, etc. She is also very angry (mostly at me, not my husband) and resists any of my attempts to prepare and plate her food. We are very early in the process with her therapist, but I'm hopeful we can use FBT at home to help her. However, since her weight is trending down, both her therapist and dietician don't want to wait too long to try something else if FBT doesn't work for us. They've talked about IOP or PHP at either Veritas Atlanta or Renfrew Atlanta. I've heard good things about Veritas Durham, but nothing about the Atlanta group. Does anyone know anything about either of these two? I want to do my homework about these places ahead of time if we should need to go there.

Also, I've read good things about ERC Denver. I see they have an ERC Austin, and my sister lives there so we'd have some support. Does anyone know anything about ERC Austin?

Thanks in advance.
Hi JJMom. Sorry that you have had to find your way here. I have moved this to the main forum so that you can get some more feedback on this.
D diagnosed restrictive AN June 2010 age 13. Initially weight restored 2012. Relapse and continuously edging towards recovery. Treatment: multiple hospitalisations and individual and family therapy.
My daughter did IOP and OP at Veritas Atlanta.  In my opinion it’s the only effective facility for eating disorder treatment in Atlanta. We futzed around with a bevy of providers, nutritionists and doctors and therapists for four years until our pediatrician mentioned Dr. Tanner. Anna Tanner is the executive director at Veritas and the MD who we still see. She’s wonderful and saved my daughter’s life. My daughter did residential and PHP at ERC Denver before coming back to Atlanta as the residential facility here was not yet open, so I can’t speak from personal experience for residential but I hear good things. I also highly recommend ERC in Denver. They got 55 pounds on my daughter in 3 months and broke her obsessive exercising. My daughter was diagnosed fall of 2017 at age 15 and now has no ED behaviors left. OCD and perfectionism are gone. She eats anything, anywhere with anyone. She eats independently and without supervision now serving herself good, growing kid portions. She continued to gain additional weight and has grown 4 inches as a 16 and 17 year old. Much of this progress I attribute to excellent treatment at Veritas and ERC as well as the skills and support they provided us, her parents. This forum was also very useful! I would avoid Renfrew. I’m happy to chat with you as well if you’d like. I think you can message me through this site.
Thank you so much, feedingcaponsus! This is great information. I'll set up an appointment with Veritas to talk with them.
My 14 yo, RAN daughter was discharged from 12 weeks of residential and then PHP at McCallum Place in St Louis, Missouri. They truly saved her life and were excellent in every way. She restored 40 pounds of weight and and her mental health while there. She is no longer over exercising and is happier than she has ever been in the past year. I can't recommend them enough. 
I hope this helps someone. 
I researched treatment centers extensively before deciding on McCallum even though it is 11 hours from our home.
I did FBT for about 4 months intensively and researched it heavily as well.  It has certainly helped me in our transition to having her back home.
But despite all of my efforts, my daughter did need the treatment center when I decided to send her. 
Stay strong. Everyone says that, but stay strong. You can do this.