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Hello all! I haven't been on recently, but d has been doing well. She has faced lots of fear foods and now eats things that she would have never even touched a month ago! All that said, we're stuck in a bit of a meal rut at the moment. D is vegetarian (not tied to ed, just very passionate about climate change and I myself am a big animal lover) so that limits things quite a bit. We have discovered lots of great protein options in the form of tofu and Gardein's meatless pork bites, chicken tenders, etc, but even that can get redundant. 
As of right now, she eats buttered pasta with loads of cheese, quesadillas, pitas with cheese spread and guacamole, and sometimes meatless tacos for mains, and usually has 1-2 pieces of garlic or cinnamon toast plus whatever veggie I'm cooking that nigh as sides. Does anyone have any ideas of what else she could eat? 
Will she eat fish and/or seafood?
All sorts of casseroles are great. A lot of butter, cream and cheese, noodles or potatoes and some few vegetables for the eyes 🙂.
Vegetarian pattys suck in lots of oil if you leave them in the pan and reheat them short before meal time.
What about pizza? Vegetarian lasagna? Tofu curry? Take a normal vegetarian cookbook and add a lot of oil, cream and butter to every recipe...🙂
Do you have a deep fryer? You can fry nearly everything...🙂
Keep feeding. There is light at the end of the tunnel.
These are great ideas!! I’ve never heard of quorn... is that available in the US? Ohhh and tofu curry sounds delicious... I bet even the carnivores of my family would like that! We do pizza about once a week. D doesn’t do any fish, due to an allergy 🙁
Tortillas with refried beans and cheese.
Enchilada casserole with beans, corn tortillas, cheese, sour cream, enchilada sauce, onions, olives. Just layer everything. Don't worry about individually rolling everything up in tortillas.
Shepherd's pie with meatless grounds and plenty of sour cream, butter, cheese, and egg yolks in the mashed potatoes on top.
Tofu lunchmeat and cheese sandwiches.
Vegie burger with cheese. There are fake beef and fake chicken.  
Quorn makes fake chicken nuggets. I serve those with breaded mozzarella sticks.
Fake beef stroganoff with fake beef strips, cream of mushroom soup, sour cream. 
Quiche. Easy to make with premade frozen pie shells. I use sour cream and asiago cheese in mine. 
Spaghetti, marinara sauce with added flaxseed oil and nutritional yeast flakes, and fake meatballs.
Soup with fake sausage or fake meatballs added with plenty of flaxseed oil and yeast flakes.

I hope this helps.
Yes, Quorn is available in US. I get it at Fred Meyer which is Kroger around the country. They also sell Simple Truth which has a lot of meatless meat and Morning Star Farms. There is a Morning Star Meatlover's burger that has 27 g of protein. It is not any bigger than other burgers so does not tip my D off that it is more food.

I also make chili with the meatless grounds, beans, vegies, and the flaxseed oil and yeast flakes.
I haven't been on in quite some time but wanted to try to provide encouragement where I can since we were in your shoes a couple of years ago.  Smoothies!  I know this is not a meal, but during recovery I'd pack these full of all sort of ingredients- especially heavy whipping cream and bananas to provide lots of calories- I can share my high cal smoothie recipe if you'd like.  My daughter was also a vegetarian.  We did a baked rigatoni which you can add veggie crumble to if you'd like but it's very cheesy and yummy.  What about beans, rice, quinoa?  There's a brand called Vigo that is very good and easy (beans and rice all in one pack).  Burritos with refried beans and (lots) of cheese....  There's a spice called Tajin found at ALDI which is wonderful on all Mexican-type recipes.   Breakfast for dinner is always good- I used to make a 700 cal muffin that she'd take to school... Eggs are a great source of protein and she still eats them nearly every day- when she wanted to go vegan, I had to say no!  Omelettes are great- you can pack them full of veggies, cheese, cook in real butter.  She drank "coffee" drinks which I would also load up with heavy cream, and a little coffee it was a throwback to my "cafe con leche" (coffee with milk) days as a teen that my mom would make for me...only more caloric- lol!  I totally get how it feel to be stuck in a rut- that happened to us too.  I've kept my "meal folder" which I tracked her calories each day and planned meals/snacks, write recipes.  I still refer to it.  I hope this helps, sorry I rambled!  Best of luck to your girl and your family.  Hang in there!!
Miriam Thrasher
Beans or lentils are so flexible - they can be mixed in all sorts of ways. Lentil curry with coconut milk, add butter to rice. We have chilli beans with added cheese.
D diagnosed restrictive AN June 2010 age 13. Initially weight restored 2012. Relapse and continuously edging towards recovery. Treatment: multiple hospitalisations and individual and family therapy.
Black beans in can of coconut milk with garlic, chili piwder and cumin. Simmer until thickened. Great for homemade burritos or enchiladas. Make rice and add butter or oil to it. 

Look up betty cricket recipe for bean stew with cottage cheese corn dumplings. One of our favs. 

The best thing EVER. ( even meat lovers rave) is my nutloaf. I will be back later and pistcrecipe. I’m not home at the moment. 
Persistent, consistent vigilance!
Thank you so much for these wonderful ideas! 
Some favourite vegetarian meals in our house are:

Lasagne made with a lentil sauce in place of the usual meat containing one
Moussaka - again use lentils in place of the meat
Spinach & ricotta cannelloni
Mac & cheese
Frittata (the type with potatoes)
Grilled halloumi
Egg fried rice with peas and toasted peanuts 
Thai style curry with tofu and rice
 Chickpea tagine with couscous or rice