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Starting new topic as I need thoughts. 
So the assessment was yesterday and the 2 workers were lovely. 1 was the man who actually finds the bed and the other lady was a mental health nurse specialising in ed
They spent 2 hours with us so not rushed. 
We spoke together and privately and the upshot is they are just as concerned as me about stopping her doing year 11 so. Lose to the start. That's her goal and she's very driven. She said very openly if she goes IP then she will just stop everything and they must have seen something because they were really worried.
They want IP but see what I do and appreciate now what I've bee. Saying. 
So as a last ditch attempt I have said the only other option is she lives with me full time and I take control of the meals etc.
They have agreed to back our independent funding request for the private therapy and he even went so far as to contact GP and the governing body to see if they can fast track it. 

Darling ill one initially said I was giving her an ultimatum so I stomped off back to work... The cheeky little 🐐 
She went back to dad's.. Where she's merrily cooking for herself and portionjng food... Yes he has admitted this numerous times to camhs hence the yo yo weights. 

Well 11pm plus I'm woken by a clearly furious ED who says that as she really wants year 11 then she agrees to my terms  if only brexit were this easy 

So the carrot 🥕 of year 11 two weeks away seems to have tempted her. 

We find out today whether they will back this last attempt and I. Willing to give everything I have. After this there is no more I can give. 

At least if she's mainly with me I don't feel my efforts are in vain
So what a turn of events
pingu - did you know this was in 2018? so i'm guessing people missed it.  sorry we have left you on your own. how are you doing? school now back 2 weeks or more? how are you and your D coping?  hoping you are making some progress, or at least surviving.
Currently no light; only tunnel 🙁