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H2OMom wrote:
They say there could be an underlying diagnosis - (I am not convinced) that the eating disorder is a result of - isn't that true of many ED patients?

To search for underlying issues is quite outdated and in most cases with EDs there are none.
ED patients have a special character that they are often born with (as it is genetic) and they are often very anxious kids that aften have OCD.
In some cases there are underlying (or better: additional) issues like trauma but that is rare.
Most ED kids I got to know in the last 3 years are totally normal kids from totally normal families that were simply hit by the train ED.
Keep feeding. There is light at the end of the tunnel.


I think there are 2 programs at Columbia and that is where the confusion arises. There is the residential unit at the hospital, which is a research based program which has been around for awhile, and there is also a newer program which is outpatient FBT for teens and has family support. 

H2O, Boston was a little difficult to navigate as far as treatment providers go, even though they have some of the best hospitals in the country.

Boston Children's has an ED program which is outpatient and does FBT with teens and their families. They have some good MD's who specialize in eating disorders, and nutritionists and therapists and they all work together so they all know how the patient is progressing. They do have a unit for medical stabilization if that is needed. 

Mass General also has an FBT program, which works with teens and their families on an outpatient basis.

I don't know if there is an advantage to working with one of the hospital programs if your daughter is having trouble getting off the NG tube or could need supplemental NG feeding as she moves forward, but you could look into that if you wanted to.



You can look at kartini clinic in Oregon too if you are willing to travel. They have a good reputation and take kids with ng tubes. The program at Columbia may have been for a long time but the fbt program is new.
Hi again, just wanted to share a positive update. Veritas did not work out and no one would take her (she ended up at Duke Hospital for 2 weeks). We ended up at Cumberland in Sept as we had no choice of where to go. She started clomipramine at Duke, and gradually increased her dosage over time. Short story is after a few weeks, the meds worked wonders - she began drinking supplement, and accepted being vegetarian. She came home from Cumberland in early Jan and we are now at Hasbro partial. She is doing a great job eating dairy products (cheese, milk etc) and desserts! Hasbro partial is an excellent program. Truly professional. Cumberland, not so much but it helped her hit rock bottom (a weird endorsement but combined with the med, it helped her see the light) - I cannot recommend Cumberland but sometimes there is no choice in these things and they are one of the only programs that refusing NG tube is not an option (Veritas & ERC kids can refuse NG tube). So, after many trials of different meds - we finally found one that did the trick.  Still have challenges around anxiety and OCD but definitely manageable. I am really glad we are at a place that is not just ED. She will still on occasion ask about being vegan and I just say not right now.