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Ironically my D has an equally lovely boyfriend who I want to clone too!
She wants to become a clinical psychologist so is looking to do psychology with a year studying in a French speaking country (Canada). 

I wish you both all the luck in the world x 

Through the local support group I went to right at the start of my d’s illness (I just sat and cried the first time I went!) and the parents group at ITP and meeting a couple of other patients and parents at the inpatient unit, the young people while being individual mostly seem to have similarities. They all seem to be very clever, determined and competitive, a little ‘over controlled’ and perfectionist in their personalities, but with low self esteem and poor self image. Anyone else would look at them and think they live a charmed life with the world at their feet but they just can’t see in themselves what others see :-(

One day at a time...

Thank you so much 😊
You are literally describing my D to a T!!

Yes I know exactly what you mean...I remember saying to the clinician at the start “she’s really not like this...she’s lovely, respectful...etc” before the clinician reeled off my Ds personality traits as I sat open mouthed and thought ‘how the heck does she know this?!!’ 😂

Ive lost count of the amount of times I’ve cried too...it’s all I did for the first year. Unfortunately I had to crash and burn before I rebuilt myself. I gave myself permission to grieve and realised not everything is in my control...I can’t make her well I can only do my best to support 😊

I wish you every success too and think it’s fantastic your D is going to do heroic work ... what an amazing career she’s chosen.