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We are in a similar position.  My d has horrendous anxiety at the moment.  She has so far taken an English paper and completed her Art GCSE.  However, on the way to the final Art paper her anxiety became really intense to the point that she grabbed the steering wheel in order to try and crash the car.  Pulled over and eventually got her into school.  Once she finished the Art she was actually pleased with the way things had gone.  However, the bulk of the exams start next week and I am dreading them.  Her school asked for a letter from her consultant at CAMHS to provide a letter detailing her illness etc for them to hand to the examining board which was duly done last week.  I know they have been talking to the exam officers with regards to this issue.  She was prescribed Sertraline but is not actually taking it.  The school have said that even if she is unable to complete the actual exam papers, she really does need to attempt them.   We are aiming to just get her through this period as I think she will find things more difficult if she pulls out having prepared for the last two years.  Roll on 17th June when we will be through!!

Yes it's the same for us. I gave the school a letter off my d's psychiatrist 4 weeks ago. I then chased the school up last week. Apparently it was too late! The best they could do was a smaller room with other students but too late for extra time. She suffers anxiety, is still underweight and takes Fleuoxitine. I questioned it but was told the exam board are really strict and will not move on it.
She is working so hard at revision and her recovery and guess what? The number of meals/snacks she is refusing has gone up. No s@@t Sherlock! We keep telling her recovery is more important but we know what these kids are like. They punish themselves for everything. I'll be glad when 17th June comes!
Mum to 17y/o D living in England. RAN since Sept 2015. Refed at home but after getting within 3kg of WR D relapsed July 2016. hospital twice and then IP  Sept 2016 - Jan 2018. Now continuing the battle at home...
Hi cjac16 and catbells. I'm sorry you are both in the same situation. From what doitagain said earlier own room is something the school can arrange themselves so in our case they just won't. To me if she cant get in a classroom they know she needs her own room. The are just being stubborn. Life is hard enough without others making it more difficult especially when they are supposed to help.
Hi Admum I know the extra time has to come from the exam board. Not sure about the separate room. Could it be the school don't have enough staff to let your daughter be on her own? Would a letter from her GP outlining what's happened recently help do you think?
I felt let down Too by my d school. I had to chase for work when she was at home after coming out of hospital. They also massaged the attendance figs when I requested them. The college she hopes to go to in Sept for A levels asked for it when I contacted them about a reduced points offer for her given her illness and the amount of time she had off. The school recorded her attending for full days when she was either absent or only doing the odd half day. Apparently it was not to trigger the absentee board as we had enough stress going on. Really ? Or was it you wanted to protect your figs?
Anyway it went from 85% down to 60% when challenged! Oh and the college gave her a reduced offer so success. This college have also arranged for my d and I to go and see their Progress Leader in June ahead of admission. This is to ask/see what support she will need. I had to chase the school for this and they offered nothing. Oh well rant over. Sorry Admum I've hijacked your post!
It just proves that unfortunately many schools are still woefully unprepared for what an ED can mean. Back to education I guess
Mum to 17y/o D living in England. RAN since Sept 2015. Refed at home but after getting within 3kg of WR D relapsed July 2016. hospital twice and then IP  Sept 2016 - Jan 2018. Now continuing the battle at home...