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Today is the last day of Zyprexa for Abby! She's been successfully titrating down for a couple of weeks now.

It's kind of weird though, I'm so used to her eating the doors off the barn because of the Zyprexa side effects, and I'm so anxious about restriction again that I'm kind of in this weird limbo of "is she being normal, or is she restricting?"

She is eating less, but not complaining about what she does eat. I'm not hearing fat talk or ED talk. She's eating enough, for sure. Just... Less than I've grown used to.

Anyway, she's got plenty of padding. 110 at last weigh in, and she's now grown 8 inches in one year.

Of course I will keep an eye on it, but I am rather pleased to be coming off the zyprexa. The zoloft will continue, they are expecting that to be forever for the ocd.
That's great news! May I ask at what age did you start with the zyprexa? The voices are real loud for my D right now and the doc is leary about starting any drugs due to her age.
Lisa NJ Mom to daughter dx AN (Nov. 2013) at age 10. WR April 2014. ~There is light at the end of the tunnel.~
Wonderful,my D is also going off Sertraline.I have not looks anything up but her appetite has been slowing considerably.She has a cold so actually her decreased appetite is probably normal but I am very uneasy as I am sure you are.I am watching her every move.Hard to know what normal is after everything we all go through!
Lisa, Abby was 10, I believe.  Awesome job, SamH!
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"Not my daughter, you bitch." Mrs. Weasley
Good news Sam.
We successfully titrated off zyprexa and I too was really nervous with my D age 10.

 But it all worked out *fine* no loss of weight, no anxiety ramp up and no discontinuation syndrome.

I was so glad to have her off that med. Even though our time on it was short ( 3 months) but especially since she was so young. But like you, we had no choice in saving her life at the time..

Woo hoo Sam! Way to stay the course, my friend.
"Sometimes you just have to be your own hero"
Fantastic news - and I agree with Idgie - Way to go staying the course.

Your D has come so far with your strength
WenWinning (formerly wenlow) - a Mom who has learned patience, determination, empathy, and inner strength to help her young adult daughter gain full remission after over a decade of illness and clinician set inaccurate weights
That is great news.

May the progress continue on to full recovery (or remission).

Cathy V.
Southern California
Lisa, she was 10, and was on 10mg for almost a year. We wouldn't have made it otherwise I think, she was a mere 60 pounds this time last year, and refusing even water.

We tried coming off it about a month after she came home from ERC, but it proved to be too soon. This time, we are all sure she's ready.

Now we see how it goes with zero zyprexa in her system... though it will be several days before it is totally out.
There comes a point where you really want them off meds.  With my D (on seroquel, zyprexa and lamictal), there has been cognitive "dulling" (although you wouldn't know it from her GPA in school) and certain issues associated with attention, etc.  The zyprexa never really impacted her eating or appetite - we are only titrating now from 15 mg to 12.5.  I actually want our psych to be more aggressive and to really get her off quicker, but I don't want to destabilize D who suffers from anxiety.  Also psych didn't want to touch meds until D got through finals/first semester of college so we have been waiting a few months to start this process.  Congratulations to you - really, I know the relief (and the worry) that accompanies that kind of change.  Glad to hear Abby is doing well.
Mom to D 21 in November, behaviors started at 15, hospitalized at 16, IP at 17, FBT at almost 18. Finished second year in college; now abroad in treatment program to deal with co-morbids.
[smile] Congratulations! 
"Hope is a wonderful thing ... but hope by itself is not enough. Hope is the reason to take action, to make a plan and then to change the plan when it isn’t working - over and over and over again if necessary." Hannah Joseph (Let's Feast Friday Reflection, "Just Keep Going," Friday, March 3rd, 2015)