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So after being told she was close to IP literally they were getting form1 ready and what does she do?
Gains 0.8kg. So IP postponed
This is madness we're stuck on this see saw. 
She gains weight to get them off her back then will lose it next week and round and round we go

I can't take the abuse, stress and anxiety any more
It is unbelievable that they do not get that she tricks them out. Can you have a new appointment for her next week? Maybe we get her to gain constantly just by threatening her with appointments every week?
Keep feeding. There is light at the end of the tunnel.
They weigh her every week and she seems to gain to get them off her back then loses
It's so frustrating 
Can she have water loaded before weighing?
It IS really frustrating. You fight so hard for her and now that.
Keep feeding. There is light at the end of the tunnel.
No to be honest she's so distressed by weight gain she would not artificially do it
If that makes sense
no really words of advice, just hang in there
you are an amazing mumma doing hero’s work 
and the master manipulator ED keeps not only our kids but us held hostage too
its such a roller coaster 
we all hear you on the stress, abuse and frustration
keep pushing through, do all you possibly can till she becomes a so called “adult” then you are just left to pick up the pieces which is probably how you already feel, your not alone 

do something nice for yourself today even if it’s to listen to music 

my d just home form 3rd IP stay first night lovely 2nd night WW3 ☹️

I want to give up and in some part of my brain I think I have come to accept this journey in life we’ve been dealt (so many emotions going through my bloody head just want to switch it off lol)
but ill try to be here for her 
I’m so sick of the “you can’t know anything as of the privacy act, she’s an adult blah blah d blah”

then oh here you are she’s discharged do what you like, you know best 🙄

if I havent said it before I HATE THIS ILLNESS!!
as we all do