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Hi All,

Does anyone have any knowledge / experience with 'special consideration' for teens sitting their GCSE's?
My d is due to sit her exams. Whilst the school can apply for extra time / rest breaks, they will not apply for the 5% flexibility with marking as my d is considered to have a longterm condition so is therefore not eligible. She was absent for half of the year due to ill health - this is not taken into account.

Does anyone have any ideas or know of any loop holes with this system which appears to put kids with Eds at a distinct disadvantage to their friends?
Hi Heron,
I don't want to post possibily identifying information but have sent you a PM about what happened with my daughter.


hi I don’t have experience but found this. Looks to me like the fact that your D had difficulty preparing doesn’t count. What seems important is the situation at the time of assessment. my layman’s interpretation of this guidance is if your D had a flare-up of a psychological condition or medical condition or recent serious illness at the time of assessment or recent serious illness within 4 months of exam that she would be eligible for some consideration re marks- see page 7. 

interested to know how you get on. 


I'm bumping this because i seem to remember someone here got the 5% adjustment.  Unfortunately, I can't remember who that was, and I'm across the pond so not too familiar with your system. xx

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