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I teach Spanish 2 in HS and we have an entire quarter where we teach a nutrition unit. OF COURSE it is taught under the classic: good/healthy foods bad/unhealthy foods and the kids learn terms like "it makes me fat", "it's bad for me, etc.".

So, I told them that since my classroom is my kingdom and I am the queen here, we would learn about nutrition according to my kingdom's rules. I also taught about food families and how we need to eat from them every day, as opposed to showing the stupid food pyramid. Now, there's vocabulary that MUST be taught, but I twisted it to fit my purposes.

Here are my rules:
1)ALL food is healthy and allowed.
2) No food is forbidden, so  do NOT feel guilty about eating.
6) Diets are BAD for your health. They ruin your metabolism and your body won't function well.
7) Eat in a balanced way from a variety of sources BUT EAT! 
8) Put color in your plate for optimal nutrition. 
9) Food is fuel for your body, especially your brain. 
10)Start your day with breakfast. It is key to good brain function in school. 
11) Don't throw your fruit away in the trash can (at the school cafeteria). Eat it! 
12) SHUT UP about your diets or telling people about not being able to eat something because it makes you fat. Nobody wants to hear your opinions about your diet or fat talk. Just eat! 

Maybe the SDE will hire me to rewrite the Nutrition Curriculum, huh? 

21 year old daughter who was DX with RAN at 9 years old. The work of recovery is ongoing. 
I am bowing before you as a read this post. The Queen has spoken the truth and I love you for it!!

Our poor children are getting so messed up with this crazy curriculum. I keep discussing this with our Health teachers at d's school and they are either too young, dumb, or stubborn to listen. 

Keep up the good work!! 
Daughter diagnosed with anorexia at 12 in 2013 without having any image issues/concerns about calories or exercise. Hospitalized - 3 days. FBT at home along with outpatient therapy - 16 weeks. Recovered/weight restored - 4 years. Still gaining and growing but has no hunger signs yet.  
Well done Queen of Spanish class! You rock! If only all teachers were as wise as you are [smile]
D officially diagnosed April 2014 at age 13 after being hospitalised on a medical ward due to severe restriction. Been refeeding at home, doing FBT through CAMHS. Living life moment by moment
Wish I didn't have to say "healthy foods" but that is part of the vocabulary that they need to know to pass their exit exam. So, ALL foods are "healthy". But, I draw the line at "me engorda" "no me engorda" - It makes me fat - It doesn't make me fat. My head would blow up from steam coming out of it if I was  made to teach them those phrases.

I am changing their paradigms. I am making them write menus (yes, I know these kinds of things are triggering to EDs but I am trying to do my best within the constraints and demands of the curriculum) and they have to include all 7 families, including sweets and of course, fats. For the kids who say hamburgers and french fries, I accept it but tell them they need to add something from the fruit/veggie category too. The kids who say "soda" as their drink, I accept it but remind them they need to add water throughout the day. So, my perspective is not about taking anything away but rather gearing them towards inclusion of all food families. They ask if fast food is bad for them. I said "no, food is food but make sure that you are eating a variety of foods including fruits, vegetables, grains, etc.". I am also calling them "food that we eat after we eat our main dish" and am telling them that snacks should include protein, carbs and fats. For example, apple with PB or chocolate milk with cheese crackers, etc. 

You should see how SHOCKED they are to be taught nutrition this way. They've never heard this before.

I am only spending 2 weeks on this topic instead of a whole quarter. My focus is more on the cultural aspect of foods and am adding good sleep hygiene, relaxation, movement as part of a "healthy" lifestyle. Again, that word, sorry folks. I HATE the curriculum but am glad that I have 90 kids who are studying under me instead of the teachers who are teaching them "this food makes me fat". I tried to be part of the district's curriculum writing cmte last summer so that I could influence the direction of this unit, but I was purposely NOT invited. That's fine.... I may not be queen of the district but I can be queen in my classroom. 
21 year old daughter who was DX with RAN at 9 years old. The work of recovery is ongoing. 
I absolutely love this!!! My favorite is #12. Made my day. xx

"We are angels of hope, of healing, and of light. Darkness flees from us." -YP