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I was hoping for some advice and feedback please.

13 year old D admitted to hospital in November - 33 kg, stayed four weeks. Out since, doing Maudsley at home.

Is now 52 kg and 158 cm. Healthy weight range proposed to be 45-47kg by medical team. 

At the advice gratefully accepted from the good folk here, we have taken her over the med team's suggested weight range. She got her period for the first time two and a half weeks ago.

Difficult to know what accurate WR should be due to lack of historical weight growth curve data, however was always naturally on the lean and lanky side and one of the smallest amongst her grade at school. We are small people too. 

Because D has gained rapidly and consistently, (sometimes 2.5 kg a week), we have discreetly reduced but not cut out extra oil, cream, butter and, at the clinic's advice, upped the supervised exercise (walking 1/2 an hour a day with parent and set exercises set by hospital physio). No exercise compulsion to date.

We are still serving 3 meals and 3 snacks a day, lots of full fat products and desserts but I was convinced that with our discreet adjustments that at today's blind weigh she would have lost weight. She has actually continued to gain.

ED thoughts raging and she is distressed over her new body and extra fat. She does look very different and not as though she has naturally followed her growth curve. We are not dealing with dysphoria here. She is also comparing her size to her sister and even myself and freaking out big time.

I have posted previously about her fast weight gain and poor body image but I'm starting to become concerned that she'll just keep gaining and gaining rapidly and not just for needed growth. 

I am not sure what's going on and the clinic nurse was no help. Does anyone have experience with this and could it be that instead of developing hyper-metabolism that the opposite has happened? I am absolutely certain that no bingeing is occurring.

Please don't misunderstand me, I am grateful she's physically safe and that she's been able to gain but I just don't know how to proceed.

Will her weight even out naturally? Are we "making her fat" as she keeps telling us? How do we slow down gain without it being obvious to her and giving ED an open invitation. Do we slow down gain? Aaaarrrgh!

So confused. Some advice would be appreciated.
Normally the metabolism increases with time and often they put on some weight BEFORE they are growing so I would wait another 2-3 months and see what is happening. I am quite sure that her metabolism will increase and she will grow by then.
Compared to a weight chart she is at a healthy weight now but not on top of the chart, just in the mid. It might be possible that HER body wants 1-2 kg more to settle down in recovery. Every body has a genetic good weight that her body tries to find now. Have some trust in nature and see what is happening in the next months.

I also go with Ronson that it is very good to have some buffer for growth, more movement, more learning or as well an infection that might come. With this buffer she can cope with that without having big ED problems back. Without you would see ED more often lurking through the front door again.
Keep feeding. There is light at the end of the tunnel.
I too think she will balance out. Our son is younger but after failing to grow upwards for over a year, has now grown 6 cm since September. His body was just crying out for the extra weight to be able to do this and at first it seemed to all go to his tummy. I know this whole ordeal makes you second guess everything but I'm sure things will settle down. Her weight as the others have said is fairly average. My non ed daughter is a couple of inches taller than yours but quite a bit heavier and still slim and healthy. Take heart and hang on in there xx
Sounds like you are concerned about weight gain. Be very careful as she may well pick up on your concern and all will unravel.  When weight restoring it is important to gain above the goal weight as this gives room to move.  Eventually when the psychological recovery has occurred and she is eating normally the body will adjust to whats right for her.  Remember being overweight by a little is healthier than being underweight and what we all want is for them to be happy in their skin whatever that may be. The fact that her period has come back is a positive sign.  weight gain is scary for all people with anorexia whether its 100 grams or 10 kgs.  Just keep going and I would not recommend secretly restricting her diet.  Ask the experts for guidance on maintenance once she is at what they consider a healthy weight.