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I started a method called sleep talk with my daughter. Basically you talk to your child for two minutes when he/she is sleeping one to two hours after they fall asleep. I am using the book by Louis v Haddad that can be ordered from Amazon. The book has various scripts that are helpful such as accepting your body, improving self confidence, making friends, etc. I am seeing very good results and wanted to share. This is not instead of refeeding or any other professional treatment method you are using. But has been helpful when my daughter is WR and has a few behaviors left. It's almost like I had a conversation with her and she can't argue back. 
That sounds very interesting. Only problem here is that my d is not going to bed earlier than me...😉
But I am interested and will have a look on it. Thanks for sharing!
Keep feeding. There is light at the end of the tunnel.
Fascinating! I will look for it. I tried to do something like that once but I guess I didn't wait long enough because my daughter woke up and yelled at me. 🙂
My non Ed daughter, who I talk to also, did wake up a few times. I just told her I came to tell her goodnight and I went out. She didn't remember in the morning. The book says to wait for one to two hours after they fall asleep. Tina, it might be possible to do it in the morning if you wake up before her. I do say the first line, and than pause and make sure she is still sleeping before I continue.