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We were walking in the city and she put her head on my shoulder and held my hand. I nearly burst into tears.

After that she said she didn't want to eat at an Italian restaurant. But I'll never forget the moment when she held my hand.

It's been so long...
D in and out of EDNOS since age 8. dx RAN 2013. WR Aug '14. Graduated FBT June 2015 at 18 yrs old. [thumb]
Thanks for sharing a sweet reminder that our lovely and loving children are still in there....somewhere.
Tempest -18 yo daughter diagnosed with EDNOS since 15, FBT at home WR 12/13, relapse 10/14, Residential 2015 for 3 months, PHP several weeks. New dx bi-polar. Home now seeing good treatment team weekly, attending college. D still occasionally purging but weight stable.
Sometimes it takes forever but those sweet moments are sooo important.  You've been in this a long time.
Colleen in the great Pacific Northwest, USA

"What some call health, if purchased by perpetual anxiety about diet, isn't much better than tedious disease."
Alexander Pope, 1688-1744
I cried as I read your post. I am soooo happy for you.

For us, the hand reaching, happened when she was IP and we were allowed to take her out for 3 hours. H and D were walking in front of me and she grabbed his hand. My breath stopped and I cried then. It was proof that my D was still in there. 
USA .... I forgot my password! [wink] 

Mom to 16yo RAN. 1 hospitalization, 2 residential stays, twice in PHP and IOP (same program, different times) Now in therapy and recently WR.
So happy for you.
Happy New Year.
D diagnosed with EDNOS May 2013 at age 15, refed at home Aug 2013, since then symptoms gradually lessened and we retaught her how to feed and care for herself, including individual therapy, family skills DBT class, SSRI medication and relapse-prevention strategies. Anxiety was pre-existing and I believe she was sporadically restricting since about age 9. She now eats and behaves like any normal older teen, and is enjoying school, friends, sports, music and thinking about the future.
Those moments are treasures to remember. This is one of the jewels of being a caretaker. The love we feel when we feel it is as great as the pain...so happy for this moment you has. Hope there are thousands more coming your way!
Denise holmes