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Looking for some help with this.  My d's consultant has suggested that it would be helpful for my d to start taking Sertraline.  I am a bit worried as there are so many possible side effects etc so wondered if anybody could offer their experiences of this.  Does it help with the anxiety etc, is it easy to come off of etc.  Would really appreciate any help here.
Only from my own experience.it worked for a while and then I had to switch to a stronger drug.i had no side effects from that one.
Our d went on it from age 10 to 11 yo. She began a few months after she fell ill. It was really helpful, we think, though she had a rough start with suicidal thoughts and a suicide gesture (climbing up into a open second story window)  which I believe was the med. Watched her like a hawk for about a month at the start of it, and it scared the tar out of me but it also seemed to really help her pretty quickly get over intense anxiety and mental suffering and depression, especially in evenings.  It helped her calm down a lot to be able to sleep at night, which she wasn't at all doing, and to have courage to do things her then-intense social anxiety was stopping. I didn't want her on so we took her off after a year but h and I still discuss whether it might benefit her to go back on. We didn't see noticeable side effects to the med after an initial adjustment period except she couldn't really cry, it was like her feelings were blunted.  Also she picked at her scabs in a compulsive way which stopped when she came off. Not sure if that was a side effect but since it's impacting brain it's possible. In sum, I'm really glad we did it when it was so badly needed but I am skeptical of long term use because I don't trust mental health drug companies at all and I know there is no clear understanding of how these meds might affect developing brains. But if my kid clearly was suffering again I"d use it for sure. i do know that severe depression is harmful and that not eating is harmful and not sleeping is harmful!

She was on a relatively low dose. it was easy to come off.  Good luck with this. I agonized over this question and still struggle with whether she should go back on.
My D did try sertraline but only briefly. She found that it gave her palpitations. She is fairly sensitive to these, but has successfully been managed on venlafaxine. She did not respond to fluoxetine which is frequently used.  The venlafaxine also has a long list of possible side effects but it has been really useful for D, she has been on it three years now. She is slowly reducing the dose. D is not fully in recovery and we are not rushing to remove this, but she has now stopped her other medications (she was also on olanzapine and quetiapine for some time).

D diagnosed restrictive AN June 2010 age 13.5. Weight restored July 2012. Relapse and now clawing our way back. Treatment: multiple hospitalisations and individual and family therapy.
My d was on it for a long time with no side effects that we were aware of; however, it never helped her much (and now we know why).
Megan Mom to daughter age 14, dx ED NOS age 10.  First period last month finally. ED behaviors not much improved.. still growing and still needs more weight on