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I have not updated for a very long time – mostly because things are good. But I have been reading so many new members posts and can feel the despair and angst you have about your children and fell so sorry that anyone has to go through this. When I joined this forum 3½ years back I had those exact same feelings and was convinced that my D was so different and sick that she would never recover. The things that really helped me were to read about other children on this forum that would get better and slowly move into remission. To all of you I would like to say - if my severely sick D can get well - so can yours.

Today things are really good. We have not seen any food issues in more than a year and D (now 14) has been off medication and therapy for 9 months. She continues to gain in weight and height and has a completely normal relationship to exercise. She has never gone back to her swim team (which was her only goal at one point when at her sickest) and has no desire to do so. We don't see any OCD behavior any longer - which is a miracle looking at where she came from when things were really bad. She has grown in maturity at a fast pace and is a normal, happy and healthy 14 year old girl. She has learned to accept that she needs to eat regularly and can’t go without food for very long without feeling bad. She absolutely does not want to talk about the time when she was sick because it reminds her about a time she never whats to live again - so I will just have to accept that I guess.    

Hi E28, great to read your post as just having a difficult christmas break lots of upset between siblings and the underlying fear and worry in case my d won't recover . Well done to you on d getting to recovery . Enjoy her and thanks for post it as always give me hope which is what keep me going on.hope you can enjoy time yourself.
Daughter started restricting in February 2014, tried re feeding at home hospital admission 4 1/2 months weight restored started restricting post discharge, back on meal plan full supervision weight restored april 2016. Starting to hand back responsibility for meals it's scary. 
Thanks for coming back to post an upbeat update.  It really helps those in the midst of the difficulty of parenting an ED kid to know that recovery IS possible.

I know I despaired along the way that a 'normal' life would ever be possible, either for my d, or my family.  Things are heaps better now, several years later.  The odd 'blip' now and again, but overall really great.

So glad for you, your d, & your family, and wishing you continued sunshine, and a smooth path ahead.

It is good to not only hope to be successful, but to expect it and accept it--Maya Angelou
Aww E28, this is a lovely post and very helpful to read especially when we are still fighting (but winning) the fight, thank you.
17 years old, well into recovery and taking full control of food herself and gaining weight, she's loving life at the minute, it does get better!!
Thanks for this post. I'm only just starting on this with my 15 year old d and it feels like there is no light at the end of the tunnel. We lurch from a mediocre day to days when flat out refusals are the only response. We have just had our 1st taste of hospitall (only 3 nights) but the ED remains as persistent as ever. Posts like this give me hope. Thank you and great news for you, your family and DD.
Mum to 17y/o D living in England. RAN since Sept 2015. Refed at home but after getting within 3kg of WR D relapsed July 2016. hospital twice and then IP  Sept 2016 - Jan 2018. Now continuing the battle at home...