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It has been a long journey with my D,4 years this June.We have been through alot and this latest crisis with her is very overwhelming.My story is a long complicated one so I will give the short version.D always had anxiety and at 3 asked me to take the burger off her bun because she loved animals,that was the start of EXTREME picky eating.In 2012 she choked on a hard candy and refused to eat for 2 weeks which was a blessing because we found great docs.Her eating got better,not great but 75% better and we were seeing a wonderful therapist who was helping her. He anxiety remained as did OCD,ADD and panic disorder.Over the next couple years we had horrible trouble with her school,taken to court 2x for her attendance, CPS called also for attendance.Her therapist could not figure out why her anxiety remained until we found out her cousin was molesting her.As per my latest posts she now has suicidal thoughts and began cutting.She is in a partial program and will be discharged Thursday.I have noticed she is not eating like she normally does. I have 2 unopened bags of her favorite chips and have had them for 2 weeks now.I was not worried because to be honest she is overweight.We see her eating specialist regularly and I have been on this forum from the start.I know what to look for.With everything going on I figured she just had no appetite.She has not really been restricting,just  not snacking.Twice she wanted to skip dinner, again I was not concerned because in the past years because of her picky eating she got frustrated and sick of eating the same old thing.She has expressed wanting to loose weight in the past,even to her doctor, who told her exercise and walking was really the best thing. So yesterday she admitted she wanted to skip meals to loose weight.Uggg,she knows the dangers, she goes to one of the best docs out there.  She feels fat,ugly and I know right now it is her PTSD and depression.When I explained to her the dangerous path she was going down she just looked at me like blah,blah,blah.She is not listening to me and I am praying this is not what I think.It is awkward for her in school, she is 5'4" in 6th grade, she is bigger than most everyone,even the boys.I know what to do,thankfully by everyone sharing their stories here. I guess I just need to get my thoughts and concerns out.
So sorry to hear what a tough time your D is going through right now.  But you've got this, you know what to look for and you know what to do!  Hang in there!  Sending you prayers and strength to move forward.