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Thank you for sharing x

  Thanks for sharing your story, great job!

  How did you get your d to eat when she refused? any tip? I told my 12 yrd s if he does eat or take supplement, I will check him in the residential program he stayed last year, that has been working, but I was wondering how long I could use this "threatening"?

mimi321 wrote:


rural Canada


No access to ED specialists or FBT Therapists. Third doctor was a charm, although non-Ed trained, would confer with a specialist and supported us when presented with current approaches. 


10 ½ when began eating more “healthfully” and interested in becoming more “fit.” She was at about the 95th percentile for weight for her age at this time, which was about on her traditional curve between 85th-95th percentile.

11 ½ when we realized these changes were “unhealthy” and suspected the possibility of an eating disorder. 

12 when she was returned to the 85th percentile for weight, and a good state

4 months later, we are seeing a lot of improvements to state. She has returned to the 95th percentile and expresses body confidence.

Chronology after realizing possibility of an ED at age 11 1/2:

- First two months we were spinning our wheels, struggling to barely maintain.
- After two months of struggling we managed to add a high calorie evening snack. We replaced her 10-minute intense work-out with an an accompanied evening stroll. We established weekly doctor visits.
- With the addition of the high calorie evening snack and full-time supervision, she began to gain regularly every week. 

- After two months of increased calories, she began to emerge from her social isolation and expressed an interest in seeing friends again. This was at about the 60th percentile for weight for her age.

- After three months of increased calories, we began to see a loosening of the rigidity in ED behaviours. At this point she was at the 79th percentile for weight for her age.

- At this time we cut the evening stroll based on information we read from Dr. Julie O’Toole at the Kartini Clinic who advised no exercise until the return of three regular periods. Surprisingly she agreed with little resistance.

- A few weeks later her period returned at the 80th percentile for weight, and her bmi was about 21. We decided she needed a cushion of at least 5 lbs in order to maintain her period so we kept going.

- This brought her to a bmi of 22 and put her back on her traditional growth curve at the 85th percentile for weight. We noticed a definite improvement in state.

- Over the next few months her weight crept up to where she currently is, back to the 95th percentile for weight, or a bmi of 25. She began expressing body image confidence. She has had hardly any vertical growth, but a lot of pubertal growth. 

She has been at a good weight/state for over four months now. Her metabolism has normalized. She has some “fluff” around her waist which is normal and necessary for this stage and she has a good body image. She will let me know when she is hungry. She still needs / wants meal support. We still need to press with fear foods, mostly items like take-out. Everything else I cook she eats happily. She never asks for seconds. If given a choice between water and juice, she will ask for water, but if I tell her we are having juice, she will drink juice. She rarely eats spontaneously, but will hint interest in something she would like and will eat it if I say, "Here, let's have some of this."

I will update again when we get to 6 months at a good weight restoration with any progress.

12 years son with AN, ip one week, residential 5 weeks, IOP 7 weeks, now FBT 2 months, refeeding
Hi Hope,
I would suggest that you open a new thread for this good question as more parents will read it than with that titel that is more about stories of hope and about recovered patients and not so often top of the list of themes.
Keep feeding. There is light at the end of the tunnel.
Hi, Tina72,
 Great idea, I am opening a new thread to gather ideas...
12 years son with AN, ip one week, residential 5 weeks, IOP 7 weeks, now FBT 2 months, refeeding