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We are looking for a residential treatment center for my daughter. We live in Ohio. She had been admitted to Western Psych for a month several years ago. But honestly as soon as she hit her "goal weight" she was discharged. She was definitely not ready for discharge and she has been just barely surviving for years. But the last few months she hasn't been able to hide it any more and things are worse than they have ever been. Starving, Binge and Purging, cutting, diet pills, excessive exercising...you name it she is doing it. I would really appreciate any information that any of you can give me. I don't even know where to start. But we need to figure out something. My husband and I feel like we can't take care of her anymore. It is beyond what we are able to do. I am just heart sick.
20 AN D- dx at age 14 2010, IP, FBT, Individual therapy, medication for anxiety and depression. Currently relapsed: anorexia, bulimia, cutting, excessive exercising, abusing diet pills...
I don't know if it's residential, but I remember the Center For Balanced Living in Ohio being discussed on this recent thread:

I am so sorry your daughter is going through such misery.  Good for you for looking for a new environment for her-- it sounds like that's what she needs right now. 

D diagnosed with AN November 2015 , the week she turned 12. Gaining slowly but steadily, fingers crossed...
If you are near Cleveland, the Emily Program there might be worth looking into. It used to be the Cleveland Center for EDs, a great evidence-based program. The Emily Program is a chain of treatment centers that I haven't been all that impressed with. But they have kept the CCED staff and philosophy there. Might be worth a call.
Colleen in the great Pacific Northwest, USA

"What some call health, if purchased by perpetual anxiety about diet, isn't much better than tedious disease."
Alexander Pope, 1688-1744
You might check into the Eating Recovery Center. They have a partial hospitalization program in Ohio. My d is currently inpatient in one of their other centers and is seeing great progress!
My D started at Western Psych. and ended at the Emily Program in Cleveland.  We saw much more progress at the Emily Program than Western Psych.  but she only has RAN, no other co-morbids.  But they are worth looking into, Dr. Mark Warren, is excellent.
worried mom

Look into the columbia university research eating disorders unit in NYC.


It is excellent and they will keep your d. for a maintenance stage after weight restoration of 4-6 weeks.
It is free if she qualifies to be in the research program. Average stay is longer than a typical ED unit since it does not go through insurance.

Eating Recovery Center used to just be in Denver, but over the last year or two, they have acquired many existing programs around the country.  I vetted their Denver program extensively when my d went the residential route for the second time and think they really could have helped my d.  I was impressed with their program for YAs. I had narrowed it sown to ERC - Denver and Veritas Collaborative in NC.  We were on the wait list both places and a bed became available at Veritas first so that is where we went.  Veritas was so instrumental in getting us all on the same page and empowering us as parents to participate in my d's recovery. Although my d was 18, she was still in HS and therefore was in the adolescent program.  I don't know what their program looks like now for college aged kids, but I definitely would look into them.

I can also highly, highly recommend Eating Recovery Center at San Antonio.  This is one of the privately owned programs (formerly Edcasa) that came under the ERC umbrella over the last few years.  I can't say enough about their program for YAs and their success at helping kids with very entrenched and long-term EDs.  My d went there for PHP (we are local) when she came home from Veritas.  They played a HUGE part in my d's recovery. They also recently helped a dear friend of hers who had been sick for a long time and finally left college and took a summer and the fall semester off to get healthy.

One thing that really helped me in evaluating programs was recognizing that no matter how great the program was, my d wasn't going to be able to stay there long enough to get "recovered."  I then started to look for programs that would get us all on the same page, empower us as parents and help us come up with a LT plan for when she came home.  I also wanted to be sure she would get the most weight on her while she was there and that full nutrition would be a requirement.

Enjoying my 23 year-old daughter's achievement of active recovery that was made possible by the resources and education I found on this forum.

Don't give up hope!
My d has been in residential treatment with Monte Nido in the Boston area, but they have several facilities across the country.  It has been such a good experience for her, she will probably be home in the next week or so, but I have seen amazing improvement since she has been there.  They focus on each client individually, and what they need, not what most clients need.  They work with the families and we all feel included in the process.  I can't speak for the other Monte Nido locations, but the Boston one has been incredible.  The only caveat is, she wanted to go, she was ready for it.  If it is your decision, instead of your d's, I think a program can only do so much.