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So here we go. 
WWe had the assessment for a bed and she stated that if they took year 11 from her she would have nothing left. It worried me and them no end so I came up with the proposal of full time with me

So fast forward 

Finally getting some help from school after threatening to complain to the governors

CAMHS complaint is ongoing though the manager came on a visit to apologise for the lack of support then asked if I would attend a parents group run by the man we complained about. 

Individual funding request refused so GP appealed and I'm emailing MP office for their support 

My daughters weight is stable ish
Not where it should be but I've spoken to her and the dietician and we want to concentrate on the mindset and behaviours. 
She lost yesterday and I didnt freak out we tweaked her meal plan and hopefully we will be back on track. She doesn't resist me any more and devours what I give her. Started to introduce olives and advocado etc

I batch cook at the beginning of the week which saves so much time. 

I've been buying her more modern clothes and she wore a lovely tight little skirt yesterday with big boots.. Something weeks ago she wouldn't be able to do. 

I'm encouraging socialising and I. Also helping with home work etc

I'm not focusing on the anorexia all the time. Like my sons autism I've learned we will live with anorexia for the near future so I'm thinking marathon not sprint. 
We're finding our own ways and boy loads of talking. 

Lots of laughter too she loves to sneak up on me outside of the bathroom. 

All in all I'm working with her and accepting this is how things are right now
Sounds like you are in a slightly better place pingu - still sending hugs for the marathon.
Currently no light; only tunnel 🙁
That sound's really positive Pingu. I hope things continue to get better. Cheering you on. 
D diagnosed restrictive AN June 2010 age 13. Initially weight restored 2012. Relapse and continuously edging towards recovery. Treatment: multiple hospitalisations and individual and family therapy.
re school: I don't know if you have seen the info from hendrixt on medical plans but worth a look (info also on Eva Musby's site).
Currently no light; only tunnel 🙁

Hi Pingu,

This sounds so positive and you are on top of things. Good going getting her to be full time with you so that her eating can better be monitored without loopholes to fall into going in between the two households, and tapping into her motivation to be able to stay in school, and thus, eating at home. AND voicing your complaints and speaking out when you are met with less than stellar support from school and CAMHS.

And yay to olives and avocados and time spent together and lessened resistance to eating!

(Sounds of clapping!!!!)