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I realize it will be different for everyone, however, generally how long does phase 1 last?  Is there a time frame using the Maudsley method?  What are you using as a benchmark?  Weight restoration?  starting menstruation?
Hi Disneymom. I think there might be an official answer to that, but most of us have found it varies greatly between our children. Many of us find ourselves in some sort of odd place of being in a few different phases, all together, for a long time.

Here is a very good article by Dr. Sarah Ravin about Phase II, which includes benchmarks for being ready for Phase II: http://www.blog.drsarahravin.com/eating-disorders/navigating-phase-ii/

(and if you want more on the phases, her article on phase III: http://www.blog.drsarahravin.com/eating-disorders/navigating-phase-iii/)
Thank you gobsmacked_US for the links.
I haven't read all your posts, so you might already have all this information, but menstruation is only part of the recovery picture. Setting a healthy target weight range, reaching it, and reevaluating whether it is the right place is more helpful.

Here is some info on setting target weight: http://feast-ed.org/TheFacts/SettingTargetWeight.aspx. Menstruation is only part of it. This article is also helpful: http://feast-ed.org/TheFacts/DetermineBodyWeight.aspx. This video, too:

This FEAST document on defining full recovery is helpful too: http://feast-ed.org/TheFacts/DefiningRecovery.aspx. I look at it every few months to see if we can cross anything new off.

I think the official line is that it lasts till WR. But, for us, that was after about 6 weeks, and it's now 6 months since WR. We are still in Stage 1, because Stage 2 wasn't working for us.

"Hope is a wonderful thing ... but hope by itself is not enough. Hope is the reason to take action, to make a plan and then to change the plan when it isn’t working - over and over and over again if necessary." Hannah Joseph (Let's Feast Friday Reflection, "Just Keep Going," Friday, March 3rd, 2015)
Please beware of moving from Stage 1 too fast. My understanding was that our D should not only be WR but also should be able to eat anything we gave her without fuss before we started to hand back control. Unfortunately our T team decided over night, or so it felt, that she was ready to take back some control and we knew she wasn't as she still did not eat without fuss and constant negotiation. They then cut back our sessions to fortnightly and we have been in catch up mode ever since and the AN has raged. We are now under a new team and are back in Stage 1 again trying to restore lost weight. 
Enjoy it while it lasts.   Phase 2 is a bitch.  

(ok, ok.. my humor has about ran its course....)

Phase 1 lasted until my daughter would eat magic plate without resistance, she was fully weight restored, her mental state was good most of the time (we made allowances for PMS induced angst).    

About this time she also voiced her readiness to move forward.   

There aren't any hard and fast rules that I know of.   I think there have been days when we have been in phase 1 in some areas, phase 2 in some areas, and phase 3 in some areas.    Every day, week, month is different.
A dad.