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tassie_star_5 Show full post »
i see your point on managing my distress tolerance (will talk to my therapist about this at next appt)
i have emailed her physc on my concerns
its difficult as they don’t include me (my d doesn’t want me involved) as frustrating as this is I do see her ownership in her recovery happening (and I’m sure this is a maturity thing due to her age??) but possibly I’m wrong 
BUT I still keep an eye on her and unfortunately do worry 
i was extremely concerned when I read some of the things she had written in her diary, I was paralysed by fear that night 
Especially as I couldn’t contact her
once she was home I guess when I say she had a meltdown it wasn’t a screaming/tantrum type thing
more of a tears/frustration, but seemingly reasonable/rational meltdown (if that makes sense?) trying to tell me she was ok and at that point and when she wrote those things was a while ago, but I thought (wrongly) that it was a suicide note/crying for help type thing
oh why did we get picked in the lotto of winning this illness???
d seems to be in a very good space atm and I do thank you all for “listening” to my ranting and offering support/advise
i do take it on board I really do and I’ve only just recently starting to post again and nearly every time I do I tell myself that’s the last time I’ll post as I seem to rant and rave  and possibly make no sense 
sorry but you all honestly are just awesome and I thank you all for being brave enough to post your advise/stories/support so we can all try to figure out what the heck to do when confronted with situations that no one really seems to understand except us 
I am going to a 2 day suicide intervention course next month too so hopefully I will learn some more skills to help me know how to respond or signs to look for if and when I’m concerned 
we have had a lot of suicides in our community so unfortunately it’s why my radar is on high alert if I sense my d is upset 
Will you please post what you learned there, kazi67? This would be very interesting for all of us. Maybe you can even make some information paper for us? That would be great!
Keep feeding. There is light at the end of the tunnel.
Please keep posting kazi67. I for one really appreciate your transparency and willingness to share your journey and struggles with this awful disease. Being willing to share our challenges and difficulties makes others feel that they are less alone in the trenches. This beast aims to isolate and destroy.

Like you, I appreciate the feedback and support that I receive here. It is nothing less than life saving and I'm so grateful. Please do let us know how the suicide intervention course goes. You are a great mum - your D is blessed to have you.

Tassie xo
Hope2019 - thank you so much, this is gold. I will absolutely look into this. I'm finding it almost impossible to find new ways of parenting now that these extreme behaviours are presenting - it's all so new. Our team just don't seem to be able to help us with this.

Greatly appreciated!
Hi, tassie,

I send you big hug... hang in there, there is no other opinion for us parents except face it, change ourselves, endure our kids... I also confirmed silence/ignore is the best way during meltdown time, any talking, trying to stop only make it worse...

I am so grateful that I knew this forum, except giving me wonderful tips in the forum, so many moms spent hours on the phone with me when I was lost... Foodsupport_AUS, mamabear, debra, mamarao....I cried a lot over the phone... just come here anytime when you need help, there are so many wonderful parents here to guide us...
12 years son, diagnosed AN 03/18, ip one week, residential 5 weeks, IOP 7 weeks, doing FBT since 11/18.