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Hi...I was reading that there have been some studies done by Daniel LaGrange and some colleagues about a therapy modality that they have called Parent Focused Therapy for Anorexia. Just wondering if anyone has any experience with this or knows anything about it? The studies were done in 2015, so fairly recently. 


Just curious,


I have had a quick look at this and maybe it is being developed as an alternative to FBT if the clinicians feel that the family are not able to 'pull together' enough to make treatment work.  I suspect that this may be a further development in terms of adolescent care.  FBT is the best choice of treatment for adolescents with anorexia nervosa but there are no claims that it works for every family and for every patient.
This new approach is in its trial stages but it would appear that it is an attempt to provide an alternative when FBT is not effective.  There is mention that there are occasions when things need to be said which might not be appropriate when the whole family is present.

The more choice which can be offered in terms of providing effective treatment for all patients, the better.  So if seeing patients and families separately works in some cases - that is great too. It is encouraging that leading clinicians continue to strive for successful outcomes for everyone.
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PFT is essentially just FBT without the child in teh room . We were part of the trial at RCH done by Daniel Le Garange and others. It found that the PFT arm (minus kids) was as effective as the FBT arm (with kids)  - there will be more research coming out looking at if any differences for different families. we were in FBT arm and a friend was in PFT arm- we were both jealous of the other! I soooo wanted to discuss the week and what we were doing without d in the room and she sooooo wanted her d to hear the strategies planned from everyone rather than mum and dad telling her after. What it does mean is that having some session with just the parents may be useful, and lets teams maybe be a bit more flexible. 
Belinda Caldwell FEAST Executive Director. D 21 now well into recovery after developing AN in 2011. Inpatient 5 weeks, FBT and then just lots of time, love and vigilance.
Hopefully those options float across the ditch goingtobeatthis-more than one option would be great to have available for severe treatment resistant teens.i wrote a lengthy email on ideas to help the reds team here.im sure it made no difference,but I had to try.
Hi Goingtobeatthis_AUS,

Thanks for posting about the trials. Any tools we can have in our toolboxes as parents to help our kids are good to know about.

We did FBT without my son attending as the psychiatrist judged it to be too stressful and pointless for him to attend. TBH she was right and it worked just as well - he was only 12 at the time though, and it may be different for older teenagers I think.
13 yr old son diagnosed April 2015 with Anorexia.