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Hi.  We have finally persuaded my adult daughter, who has never been comfortable re technology, to allow us to set her up on the internet so she can join a supportive network.  She is refusing treatment as many of you know.  Yet this step today to connect is quite a leap for her.  So....... would you kindly provide me with a couple of suggestions so she can link with people who are in recovery or who are, like she is, hoping to connect for an online chat.
Instagram has a lot of recovery accounts but I would try to monitor what’s accounts she follows or looks at, many are triggering even if they don’t mean to be.
Peregrine, I know you've been fighting this battle on your d's behalf for a very long time, which makes this positive step all the more wonderful to hear.

Tabitha Farrar is the resource which springs to my mind.  My d is 15, so we've not had cause to consider resources from an adult's perspective, but from what I've seen and read by and about Tabitha, she is engaging, humorous, warm and pragmatic.  Carrie Arnold, author of 'Decoding Anorexia' is another adult in recovery who I imagine would be excellent.  I don't know specifically what her presence online is, but I'd be surprised if she does not have some sort of blog, facebook support or other online resource your d might find helpful.  Perhaps others will come along shortly and fill in the gaps.

I hope connecting with others will make all the difference for your d.  Please let us know!

I second the Tabitha Farrar recommendation. Great podcasts and does coaching.
I also recommend "Sick Enough" a book by Dr Gaudiani.
Agree with above concerns about unmoderated or even not well enough moderated online forums.
I think Tabitha also has set up a Slack Group - private forum for those in recovery too. Gwyneth Olwyn also used to run a forum based on "Minnie Maud" . The forum is now down but this forum runs on those guidelines and would appear to be a relatively safe space.  https://letfoodbethymedicine.createaforum.com/index.php
D diagnosed restrictive AN June 2010 age 13.5. Weight restored July 2012. Relapse and now clawing our way back. Treatment: multiple hospitalisations and individual and family therapy.
Tabitha Farrar; also A Hunger Artist blog on Psychology Today
Tabitha Farrar and I would avoid instagram as there are too many triggering things there as well.
Tabitha Farrar does skype sessions as well and that would maybe be a great ressource for her.
Keep feeding. There is light at the end of the tunnel.
Thank you for these thoughts and the suggestion of Tabitha.  My daughter has the book “Sick Enough” and thinks it is outstanding.  I refer to and provide a link to Tabitha in my own blog.  This may be the time that she will consider reaching out to Tabitha.  In the past she has firmly rejected the possibility.  
Truly hoping that your d will reach out to Tabitha.  She is a wonderful resource.  And FEAST has a virtual book club event for Sick Enough with the author on Feb. 12th.   It is free, and open to anyone.  Here is the registration link.  Though the event is free, you will need to sign up to receive an 'invite' to attend the FB live event.
It is good to not only hope to be successful, but to expect it and accept it--Maya Angelou
Jumping on the Tabitha bandwagon here. I see that I'm preaching to the choir; just wanted to add a couple of tidbits.

I just read Tabitha's latest book, Rehabilitate, Rewire, Recover: Anorexia recovery for the determined adult. It has a lot of practical advice that goes beyond the pro-science, pro-recovery educational messages in her blog posts and podcasts. Not that those are bad messages, but the book seems potentially more empowering to actually go ahead and recover, especially in the later sections on Recovery Project Management etc.. 

I also noticed that AEDRA (Active Eating Disorder Recovery for Adults), a service that Tabitha was involved in organizing, is no longer on Tabitha's website. Tabitha provides online recovery coaching herself through her website, and AEDRA now seems to be a separate entity that also provides recovery coaching with a similar philosophy. 
Has anyone actually used her for coaching?  I sent an email and was wondering how long it generally takes to hear back from her