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Thank you for checking in. D weighed in at 100.2 pounds this week. She is still working on using the anti-anxiety strategies as we feed her. And still pretty much refuses to handle/look at the food other than her milk. I keep hoping this will switch but our priority is to get her weight restored. I have been successful in getting her to look at a completed plate after snack. I figure this will shift with time and her therapist seems to agree.  

The nutritionist is still causing me some stress. She mentioned the term water loading in front of D this week, after seeing her weight and having emailed me to check for hidden weights and this issue. I told her neither were occurring - that I was familiar with both of them and we have been monitoring very closely. The nutritionist then asked about it during our session this week.  D has to drink a lot of water as she otherwise gets migraines, and dehydration is a trigger. She has, since she was 8, always had about 3 24 ounce cups of water, plus milk at meals.  The nutritionist then said that should be our max water intake. I told her that she would drink what she needed as preventing the migraines was critical and that I was familiar with the issues she was referring to, but that wasn’t the case here. Now D has all sorts of questions about it and is reluctant to drink as much water. I think I’ve finally gotten her back to where she was. I’m really struggling with whether to continue this relationship BUT she seems to have some great recommendations on stress management for D at meal times and she likes her.  I’m also concerned we may need her as we continue to gain weight and then have to think about adjusting meals further etc And our therapist says she is very good.  How important have you found the nutritionist?  Also reluctant to take away a support resource that D likes but don’t want her to be introducing ideas that aren’t helpful.  We are taking a break for this week.

And yes on Eva Musby - I have her book and have read and re-read! 



So I don’t agree that water is the best way to rehydrate based on some science but I respect where you are coming from. 


We did have a dietitian but not to tell me what to feed but to be the ‘expert’ for d so that she would tell d to eat X after I Told the dietitian we need to eat X to that week. The dietitian was a bit of a front for me to get d to comply. I spoke to the team first and told them how I wanted things to go which foods and how much sitting etc... they told d she had to do it. D complied with the medical authorities as ‘ mom knows nothing’ . That is how I utilized the team to my advantage.
You can still keep her but speak with her privately first before appointments and if surprises come up have a frank discussion and consider dropping her if there ethics that you disagree with.

When within yourself you find the road, the right road will open.  (Dejan Stojanovic)

Food+more food+time+love+good professional help+ATDT+no exercise+ state not just weight+/- the "right" medicine= healing---> recovery(--->life without ED)