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My friend has a 7-yr-old d who is crying every evening that her tummy is fat. She is a bigger kid than her friends, yet definitely not overweight by any measure. No apparent restrictions going on nor compulsive exercise. Is on the same historic growth curve as always.

Obviously my friend is trying to give her positive body messaging, and I've also suggested she rethink some of "healthy eating" rules at their home and reframe them in terms of "balance" and definitely not demonizing any foods. (Friend saw us go through RAN with teen daughter, so she knows my views on all this.) I also told her the prevailing wisdom here that if there is any possibility whatsoever of AN, increasing calories is the best course. Plan is to visit pediatrician as well.

Is this the tragedy of "normal" girl development or does anyone with a young d have suggestions or anecdotal wisdom?
Hi EC Mum, this is so sad to hear.

My daughter got terrified of being fat at age 7 and was diagnosed with anorexia shortly after she turned 8. She never got very underweight, but was physically unstable nonetheless. With refeeding, the distorted body image went away completely and now she is noticeably bigger than she was pre-AN, but has no body concerns at all.

I realise it may very well be a different kind of situation for your friend’s daughter. I would definitely encourage them to rethink the healthy eating message, as you have done. I got both my girls excused from healthy eating classes at school too...maybe that’s an option.

So I guess it could well be a tragedy of ‘normal’ girl development, and I don’t think the healthy eating/anti-obesity agendas have helped one bit. I’ve read that there is an increase in EDs among very young kids, and this makes sense in the context of the fat-shaming, fear-fuelling world we live in. It breaks my heart.

I think you gave your friend really good advice x

Hi EC-Mum,

I think these stories might be interesting for your friend.

Warm wishes,

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