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Our daughter was diagnosed with an eating disorder (and OCD) while a teenager. She is now in her 20's and has been in multiple in-treatment and out-patient facilities and has been able to function at a high level in many aspects of life, while suffering terribly in others. Things have taken a turn for the worse and she needs a higher level of help asap. I don't think it should necessarily be solely eating disorder focused. In addition to OCD, there are depression, possible trauma, and other issues. In some ways, the ED may be the least of it. 

I have repeatedly done research on facilities, and coupled with our personal experiences (not terrible, but not worth repeating), I'm wondering if there really is a place with an intensive therapeutic focus (no yoga, meditative walks, art projects to fill the day). 

Thanks in advance.

Hi Searching123,

If you are comfortable letting us know which country you are located in and where your daughter is willing to travel to people might be able to make some recommendations. Which treatment centers are your daughter considering? 

She is lucky to have you looking out for her. Is she staying with you or is there someone with her now who can help her until she makes a decision about being admitted? Does she have a team and if so what are their recommendations?

Have you taken a look at the provider area of the board in order to see if any of the centers she might be considering have been mentioned and recommended?



I am sorry that your D is still suffering. You don't mention where you are but I see from your profile and previous posts that you have previously been to ERC and Center for Balanced Living 5 day program. You say that anywhere you have been before is not worth another try to help her move forward? Is there a reason for this? A way something could be changed rather than searching further.
D diagnosed restrictive AN June 2010 age 13. Mostly recovered 10 years later.  Treatment: multiple hospitalisations and individual and family therapy.
I would also recommend the 5 day intense programms neither in Ohio or UC San Diego or UC San Francisco (depending where you live). They all have a young adult program I think. It might be helpful to join it with your d as she will need help with eating after that for a long time...

"In addition to OCD, there are depression, possible trauma, and other issues. In some ways, the ED may be the least of it."
If she suffers from ED for years it is also very possible that OCD, depression and the other issues are due to ED. These are very common ED symptoms that often fade away with WR and good nutrition and time.
Has your d ever been WR in the last years? I ask that because you asked for an intensive therapeutic focus and it is evidence based for some years now that best ED therapy is getting weight on and all food in. Many patients here did not need any therapy because all strange behaviours faded away with WR and some time x. It is outdated to search for underlying issues that caused the ED.
Keep feeding. There is light at the end of the tunnel.
Rogers Behavioral Health goes at OCD pretty hard. They also specialize in eating disorders and recognize that both can stem from underlying anxiety disorders. Their program is super hard and brutal and is probably the best individualized treatment you can find.  They work on Exposure Response Therapy relentlessly, along with CBT and ACT and Behavioral Activation.  Not a lot of feel-good DBT, yoga type therapy. Don’t get me wrong I totally think those things are super helpful and important, it’s just not much part of Rogers program. I’m pretty sure they have out patient and php type program in several places around the country and they have residential in Wisconsin. Good luck!