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This is my fourth mother's day with ED.  We always have strawberry waffles with whip cream for breakfast. That part went great this year, d even heaping on extra whip cream, unlike the thrown strawberries of years past. The morning smoothie went not too bad. Family steak dinner went pretty well, but holy heck broke out at dessert when I wouldn't let her serve herself a small piece of cake and said she needed a normal size piece. She glared at me, then went upstairs and climbed out on the roof and wouldn't come back in for some time.  But she did eat her cake serving later after the rest of the family had left and gone home.  And she said it was delicious. I think the problem was that eating dessert without watching the TV comedy show we use to help her do that is just too much still, especially when it was following immediately on the heels of having to eat the despised beef, and with grandparents present.

This is such a long fight.  All the food got in, and most of the day was lovely, but ouch. I thought we would be past this by now.

I hope other U.S. mothers on our Mothers' Day had at least what we did-- some progress, some bright spots in the mix, and I guess we just have to say.... the food got in.
momon: 1
Ed: 0

Happy mother's day, momon. Good job getting the cake in. May all your Mothers' Days be better than the one immediately preceding. xx

"We are angels of hope, of healing, and of light. Darkness flees from us." -YP 
Great job ! That is progress and take it every time you get it. As Ive learned from Torie, you : 1,  ED: 0, which is what we strive for every day. Congrats
A wise woman sent me a card this year that read:

You're such a Bad Ass Mother
that when you cook...
You make the onions cry!

Happy Mother's Day from one bad ass to another!

Hang in there...
It is good to not only hope to be successful, but to expect it and accept it--Maya Angelou
Thank you guys you made me happy-sad with your kindness.  I like Torie's saying as it is something we may actually get! 

Thanks sk8r!!!

I was bumming so bad last night that I didn't mention that daughter wrote me a fantastic long mother's day letter saying what a fab mother I was and how when she gets mad at me I never deserve it because I am only doing "what is best for me instead of what is easy."  Those were her exact words and they were really sweet. Except apparently later she changed her mind and turned the words "is best for me" into "isn't best for me" and then added in with a little insert mark: "you think it's best but you're wrong."   Bwaahaahaahaa.  ED you stinker. [crazy][rofl]