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If you haven't read Sick Enough it is a great book on the medical complications of ED.
The author, ED internist, says that almost all RAN sufferers has gastroparesis- fullness, bloating and and nausea associated with food intake.
Has anyone found or used any medications that have helped with this during recovery? I've been researching this today and I found a medication called Marlin (a FDA approved synthetic form of THC) that has been used in trials with RAN with success as an aid to appetite and fullness. It actually is FDA approved for HIV induced anorexia.
With the lack of treatments well studied and the condition of so many sufferers, I'm willing to try anything to give my D her life back.
Anyone tried anything? 
Many places I have been prescribe Raglan for people with EDs and I have used something called motillium.   However, like any med, people's reactions vary.
Thank you dancinggirl....any success or help from any one of the meds? Especially nausea and fullness...
I know people find Raglan very helpful.  I found motillium helpful as well.  I am unsure thought if it still being prescribed.  It was a number of years ago that I used it.
I used a plant med that is called Gastrovegetalin here and it is made of balm. It helped with the blowing and made digestion more easy.
And we added vitamin C and magnesium to help with constipation. That was a tip from a former ED patient and it worked very well. No constipation any more.
Keep feeding. There is light at the end of the tunnel.