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Trying to help friend with college aged daughter with likely AN along with celiac ( diagnosed) and recently a cardiac issue with heart block. Conflicting cardiologist opinions and not seemingly educated about ED. First priority is finding medical physician who is savvy about eating disorders. She has seen one previously but friend feels she is not being taken seriously and also is having understandable anxiety and trouble making decisions about the direction to go. She is also struggling with push back she is getting because her daughter is an 'adult'. So, any suggestions for ED knowledgable adolescent medicicine specialist or an internist with this expertise? Dtr is tenuously connected with a therapist who is very knowledgable but not being responsive to messages from mom and Dtr has not been in for appt in a couple of months
I've encouraged her to join this site but so far she hasn't...

Would Philadelphia be close enough? (About 2 hour drive) Dr. Peebles' team at CHOP is excellent and treats this age group.

"We are angels of hope, of healing, and of light. Darkness flees from us." -YP 
I am not sure it is realistic fo them but will suggest her name. Any suggestions that are closer would be appreciated [smile]

Although I don't have personal experience with Dr. Saunders, my friend and LT forum member, GiveMeStrength, has had the most wonderful experience with Dr. Saunders treating and caring for her daughter.

Enjoying my 23 year-old daughter's achievement of active recovery that was made possible by the resources and education I found on this forum.

Don't give up hope!
Didn't Idgie's D have a wonderful Dr in New Jersey - Dr Canosa I believe but I would push for Dr Peebles

WenWinning (formerly wenlow) - a Mom who has learned patience, determination, empathy, and inner strength to help her young adult daughter gain full remission after over a decade of illness and clinician set inaccurate weights
This post appeared on a thread about EDs on a health message board I regularly read:

"The eating disorder research unit (edru) @ Columbia and the NY state psychiatric institute. This place saved my life. And was a God send to my family. Its a in patient unit that does NOT charge a fee for treatment in return for participating in research studies. The biggest issue I had other places was once I was medicly stable my insurance stopped paying. I stayed here for 14 months and left when I actually felt like I was ready. 

Help is out there and this place is wonderful."

This may not be quite what your friend's child needs, but perhaps she could call them for some names of physicians?

D diagnosed with AN November 2015 , the week she turned 12. Gaining slowly but steadily, fingers crossed...
My d. is in residential there now and it is excellent. You can private message me on the board if you want more info. 

Thanks for replying. This person is ( at least for now) appropriate for outpatient level of care and has a therapist who is well versed in evidence based care. However needs good ED informed medical care. REally appreciate the suggestions that were offered and have passed them along....