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Hi all

I've not posted in a while cos things been alright, almost ed free, or so I thought!!
D has been maintaining weight for 5/6 weeks now, things have been progressing and normality returning! She now has a wee job in a cafe, and seems to enjoy, she's back dancing and has a comp coming up, she's very excited about it. We were at Cahms today and her weight is the same! BUT last weekend I heard her up through the night, a sore tummy she said! But for last few days (about 5) I've noticed in toilet the lefts of soft bowell movement!! I was very suspicious, but her eating has been good, no fights, eating everything, even asking for things! But my suspicion was right, tonight after hearing her up again, it's midnight here... I search her bag and I've found LAxatives!! Duculax which I've taken in past to soften bowel movement, but no longer have in the house!
The problem is, Cahms feel we've come to the end of out FBT tho I feel we've not really done the normal FBT, our clinician feels d is too attached and needs CBT but with a different clinician, I'm worried D is trying With laxatives to loose weight so she can stay with present clinician, but I understand we're not moving forward and we've come as far as we can with this one now d is WR and maintaining! I'm not sure this makes sense but my heads all over the place after finding these pills!!

Hoping for some advice...

Loosing faith15 x
Oh, darn...I am so sorry!!! I can not imagine the upset you are feeling. Sadly, I personally can not offer any suggestions or advice, just support. Clearly ED has morphed into a different phase with your poor D, yet still vile.  

I am sending positive energy your way with some love and support as well....

I am sure some amazing ladies will be sending some incredible advice from experience in no time. Until then, be confident, as we all need to remain that you will conquer this phase as well...

All the best to you...please keep us posted. 
I truly believe if love were medicinal, our children would all be cured! 

Oh so sorry about finding the laxatives.   Did you confront your D about them?  You don't have to say you found them, you could say you noticed in the toilet and you heard her in the bathroom.    I think it's important for her to know that you know and that it is a problem.   This may just be a blip on her road to recovery and once confronted, she may not try to use them again.  What steps can you put in place to make sure this behavior stops?  Can you monitor her bathroom use?   As far as getting a new therapist, I would say that maybe the clinician is right in that it is time to get a new one.  We ditched our FBT therapist when we realized we were not moving forward.  Sometimes it good to shake things up a little.  Make it clear to you D that even if she loses some weight (which isn't acceptable by the way) that it is time to see a new therapist to move forward.

Hang in there! 
Hi faith15, it's good that you have noticed this and found the laxatives. I would speak to her about it if you don't want to say you found them in her bag say you noticed it on the toilet ask her if she is taking laxatives as they do not help with weight loss but they can cause damage to her bowel. Ed always seems to be on the look out for what can next be done to avoid weight gain. Is she happy with the present therapist sometimes they are happy if they aren't being challenged by them .
Daughter started restricting in February 2014, tried re feeding at home hospital admission 4 1/2 months weight restored started restricting post discharge, back on meal plan full supervision weight restored april 2016. Starting to hand back responsibility for meals it's scary.