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Hello. I have been away a long time but I am back for my friend. She and I have fought our daughters' EDs together for the past few years. My d has become well, but her still suffers terribly. She is 23 and has been ill many years and finally agreed to be admitted to a residential facility at a bmi of 14.7. She wanted help. She has a very severe exercise compulsion and while she was very compliant with eating food at the facility, she was unable to stop exercising when unsupervised (which was a large part of the time) and refused to be in program all day because she needed to exercise during that time. She is unable to stop the exercise without help. In the two weeks that she was there before they discharged her due to exercising, she did not gain weight. Rather than help her with the exercise compulsion ie. with counseling, medication, supervision, they simply discharged her.
My friend is devastated because this was her last resource. She has tried for years to get her d into treatment, she has tried home hospitalisation (Maudsley and FBT), but at 23 there seems to be little left that she can do. Her daughter wanted help finally and agreed to go, and this is the outcome.
My friend's d has been advised to go to EDC in Denver. This is out of country, not covered by insurance, but my friend will find the finances is necessary. Are there other facilities that can help her with this exercise obsession rather than just discharging her. She is not able to comply without significant help.
Thank you for any suggestions.

For those of you who remember me, my d is now in university doing well and happy and no signs of the eating disorder for at least 2 years now. We are thankful every single day.


Best wishes,
18 yr old d Dx Mar 25/14. WR June 2014. FBT/EFFT, Individual Therapy. In Phase III, eating intuitively, letting her plan ahead on her own re her nutritional needs for the day and how they fit into her schedule. Teaching her how to cook more for herself. Still watchful. Thankful every single day.


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How devastating yet again but not shocking of hearing of a treatment center that discharges a patient who is struggling to comply with treatment because their illness prevents them. I couldn't comment on the options in the US other than to suggest at 23 if she is keen for treatment to consider Center for Balanced living Ohio. They do have a minimum BMI of 15 though for their outpatient program, however many have found it helpful. 
D diagnosed restrictive AN June 2010 age 13.5. Weight restored July 2012. Relapse and now clawing our way back. Treatment: multiple hospitalisations and individual and family therapy.

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My daughter has been kicked out for similar complaints-noncompliance, being a bad influence, being generally eating disordered!!

I found starting in an inpatient program before moving to residential was essential.  It was only the 24/7 care provided in an inpatient program that helped my daughter stop her exercising when she got to a state like that.  The hard part is that most residential programs especially with adults expect the person to ask for help-to physically come to staff and ask for help which my daughter was not usually able to do.

We didn't have a good result with ERC to be honest. My daughter was kicked out for being noncompliant.  I would look at a program like the one in Ohio before I would pay out of pocket for ERC. 

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Charbonie!!!  SO GLAD TO HEAR HOW WELL YOUR D IS DOING!  We joined ATDT at almost exactly the same time, and I always love hearing reports from the old gang.

As for your friend's d: I wonder if one of the one-week family intensive programs would be worth a try.  I have no idea if they are helpful for exercise compulsion or not, but perhaps others will know.

I also wonder if the program Kali found for her ya d would be a fit? The nice thing is that if they accept the patient, they don't charge because it is a research program.  In NYC, if memory serves.

Take care. xx


"We are angels of hope, of healing, and of light. Darkness flees from us." -YP 

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There is an eating disorder clinic in Ann Arbor Michigan.  Treatment happens during both complete hospitalization and a PHP (partial hospitalization) program, meaning your daughter would probably be hospitalized for the exercise compulsion or any physical complications first,  they would work to refeed her there until she reached a safe level for PHP, she'd attend PHP until she reached close to her EBW, and then attend an IOP (intensive outpatient program) that is only a couple of days a week, and finally she'd leave to work with a counselor or therapist of her own.  They use the Maudsley approach, and the hospital is very good - they provide sitters round the clock to keep kids from exercising or hiding or throwing away their food.  My son was hospitalized there for 11 days and also has the exercise compulsion issue.  I've been very pleased with the program and the results for my son.  He's currently weight restored and is now working through food aversions and issues, we are still plating all of his food, but he's beginning to work into stage 2 and plating some snacks on his own.  He's attending school daily and only off for appointments related to ED.  Links:  Good luck!

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I highly recommend Fairhaven in Tennessee.  My daughter has tried upwards of 10 different facilities in the US and has also been kicked out of some for exercise and not eating.  The counseling at Fairhaven made all the difference.  They truly get it.

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