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Took dd to pediatrician to check on everything medically. They were very kind - blind weigh, let me speak privately to them, etc. Thankfully everything is well physically.

However, at the end of the visit, the doc went on to say that her height leveling off was worrisome, but her BMI was in a normal range for kids her age!! Almost to say she's at an okay weight, even though she's about 20 pounds from where she should be. Ugh. I'm not even upset at the doc. He understood several things. It's just the ignorance of the medical field in general. BMI?? Really??

Thanks for letting me vent a little.
Yes I've been there...after my d.'s pediatrician told her her weight of 104 was in the "normal" range. this after she had grown three inches in the preceeding 3 years and LOST 8 lbs. Sigh.

Of course d. came home and made a point of telling me that her weighing 104 was normal. Sigh again.

Hi, I've just had an equally frustrating experience d. has just had 11 days IP for refeeding via ng tube and rehydrating via IV. Healthcare assistant, whilst supervising post-feed, told her that she didn't look underweight and had a beautiful figure! Can you credit it? She also followed up with the classic line "You just need to get a couple of chip butties down your neck"