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Hi, so far we have a GP and psychologist on my daughters "team". I have recently made contact with a highly recommended Dietician that is adament all Anorexia patients need to be seen and monitored by a specialist psychiatrist? Now I am feeling like we haven't gone about this the right way? Thoughts and experiences please? Am feeling very overwhelmed. Xx
There are plenty of children on here who have had great treatment and never seen a psychiatrist. There are also many who have never seen a dietitian. You certainly don't need to be a psychiatrist to do FBT, however those children who require medication or become suicidal will usually need psychiatric assessment. So far in our journey my D has seen GP's, a psychologist, dietitians, paediatricians, two psychiatrists, and some psychiatric nurses. At the time each person had their role but many of the roles could be supplemented at other times. 
D diagnosed restrictive AN June 2010 age 13. Mostly recovered 10 years later.  Treatment: multiple hospitalisations and individual and family therapy.
I think the dietician's opinion on this is a little weird.

The biggest role of a psychiatrist seems to be prescribing meds and monitoring the reaction to them.  WHen my d's t decided d should try antidepressants, she referred D to a psych.  That was only for a couple of visits though, as the antidepressants seemed to make things worse instead of better, and my d was always adamant that she didn't want meds.  (So I figured the chance of them helping in spite of that bad attitude was slim anyway.)  xx

"We are angels of hope, of healing, and of light. Darkness flees from us." -YP 
I do not think a psychiatrist is necessary, unless you come to a point where your psychologist thinks medication is worth exploring. We didn't use meds for the first 1 1/2 years - only reached out to a psychiatrist when we decided to give them a try. I think you are doing fine as-is for now. One thing that takes a while to figure out and accept is that there are lots of experts out there and many will tell you conflicting things. Sometimes you have to go with your gut because there isn't just one way to do this.

When you need medicine, reach out to a medicine doctor. If you don't, I wouldn't worry right now. [smile]

19 yo D. AN - since about 15 years old. WR quickly - but the last four years have been tough. Since Sept. 2017, two residential stays, now in IOP, fighting a relapse. ED is hanging on, mental state not great, can't get her to remain at a weight long enough or high enough to see mental healing. She's on a gap year that will likely now turn into two.
Hi Rose, we're in the UK and our first CAMHS appointments were with a nurse therapist and a psychiatrist. The psychiatrist arranged physical checks and liaised with the paediatricians. Our GP was quite inexperienced when it came to ED so I felt reassured to have another medic on board. So I guess it depends how confident you feel with the team you have so far....plus whether or not medication is going to discussed (as others have mentioned) x
Hi All, thank you, I really thought I had somehow missed the memo about psychiatrists being mandatory. It was my first contact with the dietitian in question and my D has not even met her, nor did she know the history! I also thought it was odd how very strong she was on this point and it really made me question what we have been doing these past few months as we have had good care with our GP and psychologist.  But, that said we have now got to the point of medication being indicated by our GP and therapist as just recently my D started exhibiting some very dangerous behaviors around fear foods, and suicidal thoughts / threats are surfacing... so are waiting on an appointment with said psychiatrist which I think is now indicated. However, I have taken a dietitian off the list for now [smile]  Thanks for giving me your experiences though, at least I know there are many combinations that work, not just the one! xx