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Hi Yellowcaty
When my d was discharged after 4 months hospital stay after still SH 2 days prior I was terrified
I was sure she wasn’t ready to be coming home and it was a struggle
I know it’s no fun having your precious d away from home and in the hospital but I would tell myself and my d to be grateful she was getting the treatment she needed and how many other girls on waiting lists and not getting the help they need
So I would say they must think she needs to be there and try to take the time to take care of yourself a little bit
Giving the advise that I never did myself, as I drove up and down to the hospital everyday to be with her
In hindsight I should of rested more to be ready for when she got home
I just found it very hard to leave her alone in that mental state
In the end all do what we think we need to do
I hope you get your gorgeous girl home soon and congratulations on your other d results that’s fantastic!!! :) xx
Thanks both

We are very lucky that she is in a unit that seem to be doing everything to support her. They are honest that the purging is really hard to treat and every case is unique. Lots of what they are doing is trial and error until they find the way that works. Last week was the first time they cancelled her leave and I think this had made her angry. She has no weekend leave this week as well and they are reviewing it on Wednesday. I think they are telling her in the nurse’s words “we can be more stubborn than the eating disorder”. We were reassured by the consultant that they won’t give up even though her weight is nearly at their discharge level.

The dogs are so lovely. Yesterday they had a visit from the guide dogs and she did say that she would love a dog. My H said that he would get her one if it would help (he has been anti this idea for years). We got her a house rabbit just before she went into IP and now she has become my responsibility. I’m not sure I could cope with a dog!

It is really strange that I’m finding it helpful to write on the forum as last week I was so adamant that I was making myself miserable reading the comments. I have found comfort in reading about all the successes, both big and small. This journey really is a rollercoaster for all of us.

Sending lots of love and hugs to everyone
It’s a huge rollercoaster. So glad for you that the unit is so supportive. We have a rabbit and I find her very calming 😀. Really please you had a bit of light yesterday with successful GCSE results for other daughter and the lovely sentiment from ED daughter. X