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Which has some information on adapting the FBT model to adult sufferers.
Can't say that much about it as I'm still reading through it but it seems interesting so I thought I'd pass the link on.

Hope you all got through Thanksgiving without too much trauma. 

Yeah, there are some interesting things on it. But in general its imho a very strange, dangorous and non-scientific website.

Here you find why:


Imho Gwyn whoever is a danger to very sick sufferers, as e.g. she encourage them to follow their "extreme hunger" and eat up to 10 000 cals per day during recovery. Its a lot of crap, tbh.

Actually, Winnipuh, I would have to strongly disagree.

Gwyneth Olwyn has done a lot to help adult ED sufferers who would have otherwise continued on with their ED completely untreated.

I'm not sure what you would consider a 'scientific website'? I struggle to think of any ED support websites that offer much more in terms of scientific references and research than youreatopia does; all of the posts, I believe, can be backed up with sound references. Some blog posts have had references added and this page seems to be a list to back up various claims that Gwyneth has made: http://www.youreatopia.com/references

The debunking-minniemaud blog is written by a young woman who suffers from an ED. She has spent an awful lot of time trying to 'debunk' the MinnieMaud method, as she (or perhaps her eating disorder) seems to take a great deal offence at the recommendation that recovering from an eating disorder does actually require the sufferer to eat. She has also been known to make some very personal and unkind attacks on those who follow the MinnieMaud method. I would take her obsessive fixation on 'debunking' MinnieMaud with a pinch of salt.

Gwyneth Olwyn does indeed advocate those trying to recover to follow their hunger, alongside proper therapy and medical supervision, of course. It is also worth remembering that a lot of the people who are serious about following the MinnieMaud guidelines are not 14 year old girls who are lucky enough to have had parents who picked up on their eating disorder within a few months; many are adults who have been suffering for 10, 20, 30, even 40 years. It is surely understandable that they are often faced with overwhelming hunger, which Gwyneth simply encourages them to follow.

From what I gather the main guidelines of the MinnieMaud method are to stop compulsive exercising, eat enough food, stop unnecessary weighing & fixating on numbers and seek appropriate therapy in order to achieve a long-term remission. I'm not sure I would call it 'crap'....




Well, lets start with "extreme hunger".
Yes, when someone who starved himself for a long time, starts again eating, this biiiiig hunger cues occur. Maybe not to everyone, but a lot of sufferers know them and are frightened.
Its a big relief to get to know that this is a normal reaction from the body!

So far so good, i agree.

But: to encourage people to follow this hunger cues, eat up to thousands of calories, is dangerous. Its not easy to deal with it for the body but for sure it is not for the mind!! Gwyn simply denies that switching from one ED to another - like from An to BE is possible. Sorry, but this is - bullshit. There are lots of studies proofing this. She claims:

"There is no such a thing like binging in recovery"

So ask the d of Nelly if what she does is not binging??

Plus, and this is the main crap i referr to, she says that obesity is a social construct and that all the studies who show that being obese is horrible for the body, are wrong. Instead she says that there may be people who have their natural BMI around 30...40....



Yeah, agree, a lot of AN sufferers do need up to 3000 cals + a day. But not everyone! Its crap, that she just says: if you are XYYY old and XYYYY height you have to eat.....
I mean - individuals?? Ever heard of?

And yeah, Elisabeth Walton is a sufferer herself. Does this make her inable to do scientific research? No. She actually IS a student of science so i guess she knows what she does. And if you like it or not: if you read her debunking, what you, i guess, did NOT, you could see that this is not at all ED driven but simply scientific work: Gwyn used to outdated studies or quoted one single small study which stands against 100s of others (like that obesity causes diabetes and other health issues, which she denies like a stubborn kid...) or she just misinterpreted the studies.

But lets be fair: To say: being sedentary and eat enough to gain, stop purging and using other bulimic coping mechanism as a guideline to recovery is valid. But for sure its not Gwyn to take credit for. Its quite common, though.

She may has helped sufferers...to others, she did great damage. People who believed her "there is no binging in recovery", who are now wr and are bulimic or have BE. Or are obese.

So, no, this very person i do not trust one spit and her "science" is nonesense.

Have a nice day.


I did not mean to begin a debate by posting this. I just thought that perhaps, like me, some of you might be interested in reading as much about treatment options and info about EDs as possible.
It is up to each individual to decide what their opinion is and the mini maud website is in NO way a substitute for ANY medical advice. And NEITHER is the debunking mini maud tumblr site.

I find myself doing a lot of reading and trying to become well educated about the disorder. 


Actually I agree with Conka. My daughter did need to eat that much some days on recovery. I sometimes found it surprising as it took ages for her to gain any weight even then. She had been purging with exercise and her metabolism was so high! Also I do think everyone is obsessed with size and that this partially fuelled my daughter's AN. My husband plays sport and is very fit and muscly yet they classify him as obese it's ridiculous! I think we all need to focus on just enjoying eating and spending time on relationship s and character building. I don't even talk about numbers calories or bmis at all. No scales in our house no labels with calories on. Much happier all round!
Another "Like" for conka's post.

"We are angels of hope, of healing, and of light. Darkness flees from us." -YP 
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Sorry when i was a bit....over the top. But i know too many sufferers who tried it that way and are now more ill than before. So this is kind of tender spot to me. I did not want to hurt anyone!
Sorry to bring this up again, but has anyone had any more experiences with this method?
I don't have personal experience of Minnie Maud. From the tiny amount of reading around the site, it looks like an attempt to create a self-administered Maudsley method. The focus is on nutrition and the calorie count seems okay. The problem is in following through. It's not that sufferers don't know what they need to do - it's that they can't.

If your loved one is on her own and refuses support, this would not be the worst site to point her towards.

But using Maudsley principles PLUS support is much more effective.
Colleen in the great Pacific Northwest, USA

"What some call health, if purchased by perpetual anxiety about diet, isn't much better than tedious disease."
Alexander Pope, 1688-1744
When I chanced upon the site I was really delighted with the contents, as they seem very familiar to those of us living and breathing family-based treatment, and I was not too worried about quibbling around some aspects which seem to make others very negative about it. If I remember, one bit people criticise is that she says that binges are fine. 

I have spoken to a mum whose young adult daughter got consultations with someone who beat her ED using MinnieMaud. But here's the important bit: this someone beat the ED by using the method while at home, supported by parents. 
Eva Musby, mother, author, produces lots of resources for parents at https://anorexiafamily.com and on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/user/EvaMusby/playlists
Thank you for the link it's very interesting! The fear my wife feels that if she let's go and eats at or above meal plan she will start binging is so hard to watch. It is nice to see a reality check.