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Okay, sorry for the scatalogical content of this post, but D is now complaining that she is having 3-4 bm's a day. As I inspect and flush each I know this is the case. Her poop has gone from constipation with tiny rabbit turds to pretty normal, soft stool. However, I am wondering about 3-4 in a day. Is this a sign of increased metabolism? She's continuing to gain 1-2 pounds each week and we're getting a bit nervous waiting for it to level out. Anyone else experience this as part of the process?
Tempest -18 yo daughter diagnosed with EDNOS since 15, FBT at home WR 12/13, relapse 10/14, Residential 2015 for 3 months, PHP several weeks. New dx bi-polar. Home now seeing good treatment team weekly, attending college. D still occasionally purging but weight stable.
Generally not normal. If they are normal soft stools I would start looking for laxatives and laxative abuse. This rarely changes weight gain but is a common technique to deal with the anxiety of eating.
D diagnosed restrictive AN June 2010 age 13.5. Weight restored July 2012. Relapse and now clawing our way back. Treatment: multiple hospitalisations and individual and family therapy.
Listen to your intuition, but for my D, this was pretty normal. We know she was not using any laxatives, but she would go through stages where she'd have up to 4 "normal" b/m's a day. Then periods of constipation , and diarrhea.

ED can cause IBS.

Would ask her pediatrician - seems that when the gut starts working again, it could be erratic while "relearning" how to digest fiber, etc.... kind of like how periods are erratic again once the system restarts...