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Hi. My daughter has been discharged from being stabalized in hospital and is going to residential treatment ASAP. I have narrowed our choices down to Klarman at McLean in Boston, Eating Recovery Center in Denver, and Oliver-Pyatt in Miami. Where can I go for some advice on these programs? I have read all the websites but am so new to this I'm not sure how to decide
Any help would be appreciated.  Are there consultants that I can talk to? Her treatment team differs slightly on who they recommend.
She has been accepted for treatment at all three
Can I recommend having a look at the FEAST booklet on choosing providers - it helps to give you a check list of what you should be looking for. https://www.feast-ed.org/family-guide-series/

You can also search through the providers feedback forum to see what others have found. 
D diagnosed restrictive AN June 2010 age 13. Initially weight restored 2012. Relapse and continuously edging towards recovery. Treatment: multiple hospitalisations and individual and family therapy.

Emmjae, Do you have a sense of which program might be the best fit for your daughter and which one might best be able to give the most support and teach you how to help her after she leaves? We don't have experience with the programs you are considering but here are some things I considered when making that decision;

How serious were they about weight restoration and how did they go about it?
How long does weight restoration there usually take?
What types of therapy would they use to help my d while she was working on weight restoration?
Would there family therapy for all of us?
What other activities would there be for her to participate in while she was in treatment?
What were the visiting hours?
Did they use evidence based treatments?
How did they handle bathroom visits after meals if someone had a history of purging?
What kind of step down would there be afterwards and what did they typically recommend?
What kind of outcomes did the center seem to have? (for that one I spoke with several other parents whose kids had been there and were doing well and that made me feel positive about our decision)

We actually went and visited two programs and had a tour of each and then made a decision. You may not be able to do that because of distance, however I'm sure that if you need more information you can phone the treatment centers directly and talk more about the programs with them.




Thank you everyone for your help. Daughter ultimately helped us make the choice. Oliver-Pyatt and Monte Nido both had waiting lists of indeterminate length, and my daughter was anxious to get started so she can get back to school and to her future.  McLean had an immediate opening so she started this past Monday.  So far no complaints (except for girl drama) and she seems intent on working the program and getting better. Fingers crossed