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joanne34 wrote:
It honestly doesn't feel like that.  She is currently devastated after eating her tea. She cant stop crying, thinks she's a burden and that she has no purpose.  My husband and I are taking turns comforting her.  I'm in floods of tears upstairs whilst running her a calming bath.   I'm hoping having this really big emotional outburst is a way forward as she says she feels trapped going back to restricting her food and feels trapped being made to eat.   I just want my little girl back.

Oh yes, it does not feel like that at the start. The tiny little baby steps of getting forward are so small, it is hard to recognise them when you are in the dark days. We started to colour our calendar to see them. Red for bad days, yellow for "normal" ED days, green for good days. At the beginning there were only red days and some few yellow ones. Then the first totally yellow week. Then the first green day. We often saw looking back with the colouring that the last week was not that bad that it felt...🙂
Keep feeding. There is light at the end of the tunnel.
Thanks that's really useful.  Happy Christmas everyone xx
"Have you seen any of the posts/threads about distress tolerance?  She needs to learn to tolerate her distress at eating, and you and your h need to learn to tolerate bearing witness to her distress.  So easy to say, and so hard to do, I know!  "

No, I'll have a look back through as they could be useful.  Thank you.