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I'm in the US. I am thinking about applying for medical guardianship. Does it give me the ability to put my adult child in a treatment center ?would it allow me to put her in the hospital until she reaches a healthy bmi ? My daughter is 26. She has just been diagnosed with anorexia with a bmi of 16. She does live on her own and has a boyfriend.She is medically stable but I know this is an unhealthy BMI. She does not want to gain weight but said she won't lose any more. So she says.But with her in a low weight I feel this shows that she is not able to properly take care of herself. Would this be enough grounds For guardianship?
Hi Kidsrlife71,

I'm sorry you find yourself in this situation and I hope for the best for your daughter.
As far as medical guardianship, the best course would be to speak with a lawyer in your state who is familiar with guardianships, and see what they would advise, since every state has different laws. You are right, she is at a low bmi.

As she has just recently been diagnosed, there may be other ways of getting her to agree to treatment and perhaps you want to take a look at some of the information in the learning center:


How close do you live to your daughter and could you play a role in helping her to eat more? Is her boyfriend concerned about her health and willing to be an involved support person?

There are one week programs geared towards adults, where the person with an ED can bring support persons, so for example you and her boyfriend could attend with her and you could work out a plan together to help support her towards becoming well again and achieving weight restoration, increasing her food intake and being under the care of a professional team who could help her. Perhaps both you and her boyfriend (and any other friends/family members) could encourage her to attend and then the treatment process could start in that way? After all, a week is not a big commitment especially when you are talking about a life threatening illness.

There is one program in Ohio, at the Center for Balanced Living in Columbus, and another in San Diego at UCSD. Both have been spoken of highly by families who have attended. And if she is in need of a higher level of care, they may be able to help her.

Here are the urls in case you are interested in learning more about it:



It is also important that she be medically monitored on an ongoing basis by a dr. knowlegable about eating disorders to make sure that she is safe, but perhaps she is being seen since you mention that she is medically stable?