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My daughter does not feel comfortable with ediop   And Is in residential treatment right now and  wants Iop instead but we are not sure the process  and want to be prepared so she won’t have a  laps in treatment.can anyone please help me?
I know you have posted regarding insurance questions in the past, and there were suggestions about contacting your insurance provider and asking for a single case agreement.  I think there were some very helpful ideas on your previous thread.

To better understand why you wish to move your d from her current placement, is it simply because she doesn't like it?  Are you seeing any progress with nutritional rehabilitation?  Do you have concerns about staff or protocols?  It is not uncommon for those in treatment not to want to be there.  That, in and of itself, is not a reason to change treatment facilities or treatment options.  However, if you are having second thoughts about whether the current placement is the best option, that might require more research and digging around to find the best placement for your d at this particular time.

If you are on the west coast, I highly recommend the treatment programs at either UCSD or UCSF.  Giving them a call and speaking to an intake specialist or therapist should help to decide whether either of these places would be a good option.  Our family went to the UCSD 5 Day Intensive program, and it made the world of difference in our family's journey.  Our d is now healthy, happy and has been in strong recovery for several years.  I credit the skills, tools, and knowledge we gained during this program as making this possible.

Sending warm support,
It is good to not only hope to be successful, but to expect it and accept it--Maya Angelou
 Thank you for your insight. My daughter is not in the EDIOP yet I am just trying to make preventative step measures since that’s not the right treatment for her and she tried it for many years but the way they handle food and measurements was more of a stumbling block than a help and she’s learning new skills at the residential program that she’s at now and wants to build up those same skills. I wasn’t sure if the process was the same   With the single Case  Application because we weren’t denied it will be the next step after she is done with residential treatment and I didn’t want her to have a gap in care. She was approved for the grievance that was denied for her out of network residential care and that’s where she is now and just trying To prepare for IOP for the next treatment. I will look into your recommendation but I’m not sure if they are around us? Might be too far. Thank you for your help