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Hi donotdespair,

That looks like a great recipe. I would be inclined to leave the banana in as they are high in potassium. This is a vial mineral often fluctuates in patients especially if they purge and it is necessary for heart health. In fact decades ago my mom was hospitalised with heart arrhythmia's but it turned out she was simply low in potassium!

warm wishes,

2015 12yo son restricting but no body image issues, no fat phobia; lost weight IP! Oct 2015 home, stable but no progress. Medical hosp to kick start recovery Feb 2016. Slowly and cautiously gaining weight at home and seeing signs of our real kid.

May 2017 Hovering around WR. Mood great, mostly. Building up hour by hour at school after 18 months at home. Summer 2017 Happy, first trip away in years, food variety, begin socialising. Sept 2017, back to school FT first time in 2 years. [thumb] 2018 growing so fast hard to keep pace with weight
  • Swedish proverb: Love me when I least deserve it because that's when I need it most.
  • We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence Recovery, then, is not an act but a habit. Aristotle.
  • If the plan doesn't work, change the plan but never the goal.
  • We cannot control the wind but we can direct the sail.
This system has been working for us to keep our momentum now that school has started -- one shake in bed in the morning and one at school, supervised by the nurse:
Peanut Butter Shake Recipe:
3/4 cup Haagen Dazs chocolate and/or vanilla (roughly 375 calories)
1/4 - 1/3 cup whole milk (roughly 40 calories)
Chocolate syrup to taste (don’t count the calories)
45 grams melted peanut butter OR peanut butter topping by Reese”s (bought it online from restaurant supply store - can buy a pump and it is three pumps.  It is roughly the same nutritional info but is thinner and pumps out and does not clump in the shake even without melting it first) (roughly 285 calories)
BLEND.  SERVE with straw.  OR MAKE AHEAD and put in fridge in lidded jar.  Wait till ice cream has all melted in fridge so it is a thick milk.  Shake and Serve to guzzle or with a straw.  Total is 700 ish.  I figure 550 to be safe for amount in glass that doesn’t slurp into the straw well, and that sticks to the sides of the blender, inside cup, etc.  
I have been giving this to ED-d every morning in bed and then letting her sleep another 1/2 hours or so before she needs to get up for school.  She drinks it quickly and without complaint, through a wide silicone straw. 
My kid detects HWC so I use whole milk, but by making them ahead I can let the ice cream melt and use less milk and more ice cream and keep the footprint small enough she is drinking it all.   My kid detects ground nuts or protein powder or Carnation powder, or anything similar and does not like it.  She is actually not afraid of the calories or protein of those things, but she does not like them and will not drink them.  Adding the peanut butter is working well to get in some protein and lots more fat.  Not sure she would like that recipe if not half asleep, but so far it is working for us with the current schedule. 
THEN, ON A SCHOOL DAY, I SEND HER WITH A SECOND SHAKE (no peanut butter as it is banned from nurse’s office and that is where d goes for quick snack supervision during school day).
Small School Snack Shake Recipe:
3/4 cup Haagen Dazs - she likes vanilla for this (375 calories)
1/4 cup whole milk (roughly 40 calories)
Chocolate syrup to taste (I don’t count those calories)
BLEND.  Put in fridge in lidded jar she can take to school if making the night before school or morning of (otherwise, store for longer term in freezer).  When she gets to school she takes it to the nurse’s office, where there is a fridge.  Immediately after school she goes to the nurse, shakes it by hand, then drinks it like a glass of milk (no straw).  Brings the jar home.  Quick, full of fat and calories.  No problems so far after 3 weeks.  (She goes to an after care program at the school until we get off work, so this is a nice bridge until we get her home for dinner) (she also goes mid-morning and eats a snack at the nurse’s office - so far, candy, but we are working on something with fiber if we can ever figure one out she will eat, is clean, is quick, and has no nuts).
I bought “Nice” brand chocolate covered almonds at Walgreens — they come in a clear plastic jar with a lid (have to remove the full-wrap label to see the clear jar, but it is not adhered and comes off really cleanly and easily).  If your ED kid will do it, have them eat the almonds — they were super caloric and fatty (but my kid did not like them). Anyway, I bought them for the jars so my workmates ate the almonds.  I bought six.  I have started blending up the shakes in batches (one shake at a time for quality control, but back to back to back in one evening).  I put each individual serving in one of those jars and for the next day, put them in the fridge and for other days put them in the freezer.  The night before I transfer from the freezer to the fridge on the days I did not make fresh ones.  Just shake them up by hand and serve.  So far no spills in her lunch bag.  So far no leaks when shaking.  So far no distortion of shape from hand-washing.  They are clean and neat and comfortable for her to drink out of.  Really happy with how this part of the school year re-feeding is working out

EDITING to add:  one of the best things I did for refeeding was to buy a cheap food scale online so now instead of trying to measure out 3/4 cup of ice cream or 2.5 tablespoons of peanut butter,  just weigh it.  I think I only paid $15 or so for a great scale on amazon and it was on my doorstep in two days.  FWIW, consider getting one that takes regular batteries not the little round watch ones -- I use the scale multiple times every day and will be happier to replace normal batteries without a special shopping trip.  Great investment imo.
Mom of either pre-diagnosis or non-ed underweight 12 yoa (as of March 2018) kid here to learn how to achieve weight gain.  BMI steadily in the mid 12's for nearly her entire life.  Born 2006. UPDATE:  April 2018 diagnosed ARFID, based solely on weight being less than 75% of Ideal Body Weight.  Mildly picky, but mostly the problem is a volume/early satiety issue, along with abdominal discomfort and chronic constipation, all present since birth.  UPDATE:  July 2019 diagnosed with PANS. Dr. said likely started first PANS episode at less than 1 or 2 years of age.  On long-term daily prophylactic antibiotics. BMI now about 16 after period of intense refeeding prior to PANS dx,  followed by stagnation as we sort out what is next. FWIW ED-D is a fraternal twin and we have no other kids.
I'm on a renewed mission to find more high calorie snacks, especially those that look non-threatening and pack a big calorie punch. After 1.5 years since diagnosis he's doing well but has been weight stagnant for a while but has grown in height a little.
For those in Australia I just went calorie hunting at Woolworths and found some new gems and old favorites.

'All Natural Bakery's Oat Slice yoghurt peach mango' from health food section 100g 450 calories! Almost equivalent to 2 Mars Bars! My son said he liked it!

Woolies Blueberry and coconut bread 375 calories a slice

Macadamia nuts (and Macadamia spread from Flannery's) 20g nuts 143calories

Belvita Soft Bakes 4x 50g 205 calories in a non threatening looking bake with whole grains.

Carmen's gourmet protein bars Greek style yoghurt and berry 175 calories per bar and Superberry Muslei bars with cranberries 195 calories

For school lunch Woolies Chicken Pad Thai meal for one (pantry ready meals section near baked beans) only 350g but a WHOPPING 731calories! I'm going to put it hot in a thermos with a few Asian vegies to freshen it up and make it more appealing. They have a Satay one with 661 calories.

ALDI melting moments (larger size) 190 calories each and in one 35g biscuit!

ALDI peanut sesame bites 305 calories for 50grams serve

For supper after dinner we are now having dessert 2-3 times a week which he has slowly accepted and thankfully no longer complains. If no dessert then he gets a fruit smoothie- non threatening looking but has 250g melted premium vanilla ice cream like Connoisseur with about 8 frozen blueberries to colour it, 2 slices frozen banana and 2 raspberries. After blending it I put it through a sieve. 588 calories just from the melted ice cream.

Mayo is your best friend, but they vary greatly in calories so read the label. Coles whole egg Mayo is good at 734 calories per 100g.

I've also slowly added sides and toppings to each meal that he hated but is now used to like spring rolls and Chang's fried noodles on top of stir fries, ricotta triangles from freezer aisle with our honey mustard meatballs, garlic bread often, sour cream, cheese, cheese cheese! Always crying in oil when I can.
Haha! Typo! My last sentence says crying in oil when I can instead of frying! Sometimes I feel like crying over the oil I have to eat!
I tracked down this excellent thread and thought I'd bump it up again for those who may not have seen it.

18 months post wr and doing well, my d is still hypermetabolic and struggling to eat enough to not only maintain but add the odd kg she needs as she gets older.  She's tired of good old full fat yoghurt and cheese, and is allergic to peanuts.  We do tons of home baking as most store baking in NZ has traces of peanuts, as do the readily available tree nuts (almonds, walnuts etc).  She's more or less comfortable eating any kind of sweet baking these days and has dessert every night of the week.  It drives me crazy that we're all gaining weight except her!

She generally handles her huge portions at dinner time with fortitude but I'd love to help her with snacks, either sweet or savoury, that pack a calorific punch.  There are great ideas in this thread, but if anyone has any more to add, I'll love you forever!
Thanks HopeNZ. 
My high calorie snacks:
*1 cup yogurt and 1 tbsp heavy whipping cream with 1/2 cup of granola-450 calories. Add a banana for another calorie boost.
*2 cups applesauce with 1 tbsp olive oil-300 calories.
*2 cups cereal with whole milk-400 calories
*Homemade granola bar-400 calories.
*Homemade muffin-500 calories
The granola bar and muffin recipes are on here somewhere. They say the muffin recipe can get up to 1000 calories but I just can't seem to make them as big as everyone else.

I am going to work hard to get her to eat trail mix more and start adding drinks here and there (so far it's only been water). 
I love the frozen spring rolls and other frozen appetizers. Easy for  me. 
I, as I am sure it is true for all of us, can read the labels so quickly now, we know what is good for ED and what is not. 😊

I tend to get a lot of calories in the drinks. She gets two cups of any beverage with all meals and snacks  and she uses water as needed. It took time to get there, though. Now it is "normal" for her.
cm72, when you get the caloric drinks in, it is so much easier.

If you add butter to the muffins or loaves of banana/zucchini bread etc. and make them thick slices, then it adds up. 

When within yourself you find the road, the right road will open.  (Dejan Stojanovic)

Food+more food+time+love+good professional help+ATDT+no exercise+ state not just weight+/- the "right" medicine= healing---> recovery(--->life without ED)
I still desperately need to find alternatives, but one snack that is dense and d tolerates is full-fat greek yoghurt with a large serving of finely chopped mixed nuts and a cube of dark chocolate, so a make-shift granola but easier because d knows what's gone into it. It's easy to mix in double cream to the thick yoghurt to give it a caloric boost too. 
Also, individual egg muffins/frittatas are great and can be prepared in advance and eaten cold or warmed in the microwave, but nicest straight out the oven. 
2 whole eggs, or 2 egg yolks to make it denser, at least a couple tbsp double cream whisked with the egg, a large handful of cubed pancetta (needs quickly panfrying first and the hot oil goes into the baking dish with the egg to make it puff up like a Yorkshire pudding - d loves this!) then topped with lots of cheese, e.g. cheddar, parmesan, feta. Put in the oven for 10-15 minutes. Roughly 600 calories and not an outfacing size. 

i have been making my own hummus and added lots of oil. I served with a buttered warm pita. 


When within yourself you find the road, the right road will open.  (Dejan Stojanovic)

Food+more food+time+love+good professional help+ATDT+no exercise+ state not just weight+/- the "right" medicine= healing---> recovery(--->life without ED)