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In researching eating disorders and various causes I have come across a number of studies showing some interesting links between TBI and ED. This is of interest to us because our daughter had her two front teeth knocked out in October of 2012 in a rough hit with a field hockey ball. Her ED developed over the course of last winter. I am wondering if there are other families who can trace their child's ED onset to a time period following a blow to the head. Has anyone had an MRI done? In the article noted below, some people were cured of ED when lesions were removed or they received other treatments to the injured part of the brain.

J Neurol Neurosurg Psychiatry 2005;76:852-857 doi:10.1136/jnnp.2004.048819
Brain lesions and eating disorders
R Uher, J Treasure

"In summary, there is compelling evidence of hemispheric damage being causally associated with typical eating disorders. This is supported by a large proportion of cases with typical psychopathology, remission of eating disorders after brain lesion removal, and consistent localisation of lesions in the right frontal and temporal lobes."
Tempest -18 yo daughter diagnosed with EDNOS since 15, FBT at home WR 12/13, relapse 10/14, Residential 2015 for 3 months, PHP several weeks. New dx bi-polar. Home now seeing good treatment team weekly, attending college. D still occasionally purging but weight stable.
Wanna start a poll on this? They aren't hard to make. [smile]

As for my daughter, no ...
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Not recently.  Although my D did have quite a nasty spill when she was less than two years old...she was not formally diagnosed with a concussion.

Fast forward to when she was 8 and had IQ testing done.  Her scores were SO bizarre (something the tester had never seen in his 20+ years of experience) that he asked whether she had a brain injury.  It does make me wonder!

Also, my D struggled with breathing when she was born....in fact, she was born not breathing and was whisked to the NICU straightaway on birth.

This was an interesting link!
D, age 18, first diagnosed March 20, 2013, RAN, at age 13 Hospitalized 3 weeks for medical stability. FBT at home since.  UCSD Multi-family Intensive June 2015. We've arrived on the other side.  :-)  D at college and doing great!
Not here, no.
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My d was an elite level soccer player with history of head trauma without official diagnosis of concussion syndrome. But she did get an amazing work up for this with the wonderful Dr Julie OToole with MRI cat scans and traumatic brain injury specialists. Her MRI and CATs were unremarkable, the traumatic brain injury specialist could not r/o brain injury syndrome. But my d had a physiologic seizure followed by psychogenic events ( seizure like) events non epileptic in etiology.
It is very difficult to nail a cause effect without definitive brain scans but is considered a possible factor in brain dysfunction.
Hope that helps.
There is a great of research going on with football players and repeated head injury.
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Not my D.
D in and out of EDNOS since age 8. dx RAN 2013. WR Aug '14. Graduated FBT June 2015 at 18 yrs old. [thumb]
My d fell at the age of 4 and knocked out her teeth. But no concussion. Never thought there could be a connection.
Hannabeatsana- I like the way you put that, "it sealed the deal" . This goes along with what I read recently that there are a variety of causes but it seems to be a combination of all the wrong things coming together in a susceptible individual.
Tempest -18 yo daughter diagnosed with EDNOS since 15, FBT at home WR 12/13, relapse 10/14, Residential 2015 for 3 months, PHP several weeks. New dx bi-polar. Home now seeing good treatment team weekly, attending college. D still occasionally purging but weight stable.
Our d also fell off a couch onto her head when she was two. Worst sound in the world, head on concrete. The emts checked her and found nothing worrying. She also had a very mild concussion from soccer about a year before ED really got going. She also had several other predisposing factors for an ED (we know now!) but the tbi connection is one I never thought of. A survey would be interesting.
D diagnosed with EDNOS May 2013 at age 15, refed at home Aug 2013, since then symptoms gradually lessened and we retaught her how to feed and care for herself, including individual therapy, family skills DBT class, SSRI medication and relapse-prevention strategies. Anxiety was pre-existing and I believe she was sporadically restricting since about age 9. She now eats and behaves like any normal older teen, and is enjoying school, friends, sports, music and thinking about the future.
Really don't see the connection to head trauma and Ed.
There is research looking at repeated head injury like concussions especially in contact sports that lead to brain injury that may not be immediately obvious.

The thing is when we isolate symptoms we can connect them to so many illnesses and or disease processes.
Our brains are wired to compare and make decisions based on those comparisons.

Brain injury in trauma have been linked to difficulty concentrated, memory impairment, ataxia, psychosis, seizures and cognitive deficits to list some.
Of course you can see many of these symptoms in totally unrelated medical states including starvation, diabetic hyper or hypo glycemia ( too high or low blood sugar) benign and cancerous tumors of the brain etc.

Good medical doctors who are diligent clinicians looking at the whole patient helps lead the diagnostic path to the most accurate diagnosis and treatment
We as parents are a most valuable resource and tool for the best clinicians.
"Sometimes you just have to be your own hero"
My 18 yr old son had a severe concussion in August 2011 playing soccer. He returned to play in January 2012 and suffered another concussion. He has had daily headaches since. Was diagnosed with anorexia and depression in December 2012. Went through Maudsley treatment and is in recovery stage. He got another concussion this past August 2013.
So in November he had an MRI due to the continual headaches and they showed two brain lesions. One in the back lower brain and one in the front of the brain. The dre do not believe these are behind his headaches.
He is an identical twin and his brother has no history of concussions or ED although neither were ever highly interested in food even as toddlers. They ate what you gave them but never opened cupboards or the fridge searching for food even as they got older.
He is due to have a follow up MRI in the spring to evaluate changes in his brain lesions.
I find it hard to believe that the ED and concussions are not somehow related.
Hmm, Abby has had several bad head bonks, but no concussion diagnosis.

She always had a history of "risky" behavior though, and I know that's not uncommon to some ED sufferers. She'd climb, jump, flip, and basically tackle anything and everything, head first. Could the link be as basic as: some kids with Eds are risk takers, and therefore more likely to also have suffered concussion?
Sam- Good point. Impossible to tease that out. Except.....in one research study treatment of head trauma, removal of lesions resulted in cessation of ED symptoms.
Tempest -18 yo daughter diagnosed with EDNOS since 15, FBT at home WR 12/13, relapse 10/14, Residential 2015 for 3 months, PHP several weeks. New dx bi-polar. Home now seeing good treatment team weekly, attending college. D still occasionally purging but weight stable.
Bee- Very interesting history, especially considering identical twin experience difference. Thank you for sharing.
Tempest -18 yo daughter diagnosed with EDNOS since 15, FBT at home WR 12/13, relapse 10/14, Residential 2015 for 3 months, PHP several weeks. New dx bi-polar. Home now seeing good treatment team weekly, attending college. D still occasionally purging but weight stable.
We had no concussions here.
But, I do know that it does take the perfect storm...
Slow and steady
My d fell in psych hospital, went to ER and they found a brain lesion. She has had three MRI.s and still has ED even when weight restored. Some mythical thinking eg walking will cause me to gain weight and other stuff. Very very anxious and depressed and starting biofeedback tomorrow. Has been a hell of a marathon for us.
Denise holmes
yes. without a doubt. My d experienced a severe concussion and then a 2nd concussion after that and gave herself  basically a third "shaken baby syndrome" while participating in an African dance intensive. No sign of ED or depression prior- ED began 3 months later. oftentimes the entire family has wondered if there was a connection. No MRI since the hospital we rushed her to had no clue how to handle a head injury.. took 12 hrs o get a CAT scan performed and read..unbelievable.
and so started the hell that still continues 4 years and in college later...

MOm trying to stayin the ringandkeep fighting
My D suffered a concussion and then diagnosed with an ED directly after, within weeks.
MRI was done 1 year later , no Lesions were found.
Many behaviors of Post Concussion Syndrome have gone untreated due to severity of her ED.
My Daughter also was born with fluid in lungs and stomache overflowing , so essentially drowning and she spent 12 days in NICU fighting for her life until lungs burned off excess fluid etc.. She had some sports related asthma as the yrs went by but it has seemed to fix itself... She also had 2 mild concussions form accidents on the playground in kindergarten . She has always had these dizzy spells when she gets up from sitting or laying down and sort of feels like she blacks out for a second but its not heart related either..... She used to rip up the stairs at home at least a few times a month but i think that had more to do with the speed she taravels instead of walking and looking carefully!