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Took D to peds today for follow up. She pitched a fit that I was making her see doc on Christmas Eve. Despite trying to refeed her at home we are not making progress. Weight down further . Two more pounds over past week. Heart rate a bit better today but blood pressure low and orthostatic when stood up. Pediatrician thought liver was enlarged today. So Friday we are off for more labs , an ultrasound and another visit with the therapist. Monday follow up with peds and she said if no weight gain we will
Need to place her in inpatient treatment.

Anyone ever experience liver issues related to anorexia ? Starting to wonder if she is vomiting without me realizing it? Noticing bathroom trips after eating but she adamantly denies vomiting .

She has been so intolerant of everything . Her two younger brothers seem to annoy her constantly and my poor ten year old just cried himself to sleep on Christmas Eve as she won't partake in the some of the family traditions tonight. All three of the kids usually all have a slumber Party in her room on Christmas Eve and she wants no part of this year. He is so sad tonight ! I am worried how she is going to be tomorrow when family is here tomorrow for Christmas dinner ...

Hate to put her in inpatient but it looks like we are heading that way. Sigh ....
Lynn [smile]
So sorry that things don't seem to be heading in the right direction right now. The advice we got about post meal bathroom trips is that there are a couple of options: 1) not at all for 1 hour, 2) she can go, but you are in the bathroom with her, or 3) she can go alone but has to talk loudly to you or sing while she is there.

Are you doing magic plate?

Also, have you talked to a psychiatrist? My D also has generalized anxiety and being annoyed with everything is generally a sign that she needs to take one of her anxiety meds...

Stepmom of 16 year old with AN. Dx disclosed to parents 11/11/14. Restrictive eating, compulsive exercise. Also major depressive disorder, anxiety, self-harm, and mild OCD. WR 2/15. The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.
I am so sorry to hear how your 10 year old is being affected by ED. ED in the family is horrible, and I think may be even more difficult for children who cannot process that it is the illness rather than wilful bad behaviour. Hopefully you can help him understand the severity of her illness and that the words are ED's rather than hers.

We have modified Christmas for the last few years since ED was in the house, mainly to make my life easier. Trying to keep things going when you are fighting for your D's life, to keep her out of hospital is tough. This year is the first year where we have truly got back to full and normal Christmas for us. There has been some minor modifications for the last few years, from less social engagements, to less visitors, or some food changes to help us just all get through the day. After all food still has to go in, no need to make it too hard. 

With respect to liver function, my D's was off early on in her illness, with very high B12 levels (thought to be due to liver trauma). It all settled over time with re-feeding, and she now gets bloods done for other reasons, and all are back to normal. I think this really says how ill D is.

If you want to avoid inpatient, I think you are going to need to institute many of the changes that would happen in inpatient care anyway. Things such as routine bathroom before meals then no bathroom after for an hour. What can you do to increase her intake, and get the re-feeding happening at home? Have you read through the Hall of Fame for some great tips on how to get her to eat? This is so tough on you and your family at this time of year. If you are trying to feed family and others, can your husband take control of making sure that D eats? 
D diagnosed restrictive AN June 2010 age 13.5. Weight restored July 2012. Relapse and now clawing our way back. Treatment: multiple hospitalisations and individual and family therapy.