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Happy Mother’s Day! I wrote this when my daughter was very sick and AN had taken her into its lair. I felt like I would never get my true child back but I listened to those who had gone before and we just....kept....going. We got my d back and better than ever. Just know that your children love you, need you, and see your strength and determination.

This is part of what my d posted today :

Thank you for teaching me so much, & always answering my phone calls, even if it’s five a day. You are my rock. I love you & can’t wait for the next day we get to lay in the sun on a beach!
Thank you for pushing me, trusting me, fighting for me, & believing in me. Always. I love you. ❤️

Steel Embrace by Katie Maki

The days were long, the nights were longer

The demon inside trying to grow stronger

I held it down, we held each other

An embrace of steel between child and mother

And even when the voice was loud,

Enveloped by that dark black cloud

I knew that you could hear my plea

I knew that you would come back to me

Your battered soul knew to trust in me

To let me kill the thing we could not see

Only guided by my unconditional love

And unseen angels from above

“ To the moon and back” we’d always say

As your true soul grew stronger every day

The tears we cried could fill an ocean,

The highs and lows of raw emotion

We’ve learned so much about what matters

And it’s not money or cars or corporate ladders

It’s the salt in our tears and the blood in our veins

Because after the battle, all that remains

Is the steel embrace as we hold each other

The unbreakable love between child and mother
Persistent, consistent vigilance!
Beautiful words mama bear ❤️
this brought tears to my eyes
Hope you have a happy Mother’s Day