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My D took her first period, can't believe how quick it came after being at 94% for a week ,weight for height
She has been out of school since March she never sat her Highers but the school sent away all her work and she got brilliant grades her hard work payed off.
She's just returned to school last week start of a new term. Last year of school, glad she didn't need to go phased return. She has quite a few free periods lucky her.
Our house is so different to what it was a few months ago.
My D had a lot of violence and aggression she self harmed by cutting herself, trying to overdose.... She was hallucinating quite a bit when she become very distressed food talking to her it doing things on her plate. Took her to buy clothes and she thought the store assistants were changing the labels on the clothes as she thought everyone was out to trick her. She phoned the police to get myself and husband arrested because we tried to get her to drink milk. She cut her hair put it in the pot of stew , she smashed up the house and lashed out every day at some point. It was HELL. It was like a horror movie my daughter totally possessed with this demon Anorixa.
We used every skill we had it was very difficult but we never gave in although times I felt I could keep going on myself.
Since her Medication was discontinued she's got her sharpness back. Laughs every day now glad to have my daughter back. She still goes to outpatients every fortnight, but in such a better place.

(Scotland Uk)
Brilliant news, return of periods is such a goalpost in recovery and definitely worth celebrating!  [smile]
Diagnosed RAN October 2013, w/r but struggling with depression and anxiety.
Wonderful to hear your daughter is doing so well. What a great job you have done with her to help her get back to where she is. You must be so relieved that she is back at school and seeming to return to life. 
D diagnosed restrictive AN June 2010 age 13. Mostly recovered 10 years later.  Treatment: multiple hospitalisations and individual and family therapy.

yipee that is great news.............keep going x

Great update, thanks for sharing!  [smile]

"Lineage, personality and environment may shape you, but they do not define your full potential."    Mollie Marti  


15 yr old d diagnosed with AN late December 2015 at the age of 12 after a 23 lb weight loss during prior 3 months. Started FBT/Maudsley at home on Christmas Eve with support from amazing local nutritionist specializing in ED and trained in FBT. WR Feb 2016 and pushing our way through puberty and rapid growth.
Glad to hear your D is on the road to recovery.  Enjoy all the little moments!