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I wanted to flag up this gratitude from Dani Maimone, who talks to camera about her experience of supporting her daughter with anorexia. She says how very important this forum was to her. Thank all of you who are so active here 🙂
Eva Musby, mother, author, produces lots of resources for parents at https://anorexiafamily.com and on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/user/EvaMusby/playlists
Thank you, Eva.  I'd love to put this up on all those huge advertising screens around the city!
Brave to talk, feel better for watching it, more normal, and feel need to ramp up the self care to do the long haul.  Eva’s book is great too.
Thanks for this Eva, it’s so familiar.  I’m luckier in that my doctor took my concerns seriously but it was still months to get help.  

I am absolutely certain that if I hadn’t found this forum I’d be in a much sadder place today. 
This story could be exactly ours Eva 
except my d started with anxiety
we we’re onto it straight away we sought councilling  for her, but it seemed to morph into the ED over a few years 
we got useless advice initially from GP etc
which looking back is SO frustrating 
but I have learnt there is no point looking back (as that causes depression)
we look forward one day at a time 
Its a very very slow process
This forum was my saviour but then my 
d lost a substantial amount of weight and I got In touch with a  special eating disorders hospital and she was admitted 
12 months from that admission she is still trying everyday to get better 
If you are getting useless advice from a GP find specialised expert  help ASAP