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Well done making progress! I agree it is always worth checking these things out medically - but I’d caution this could be a new ‘face’ on your daughter’s ED. Our D started with purging then switched to restrictive AN. Once we confronted her and the illness we were presented with many ‘in your face’ rebellions/tantrums etc. So perhaps your ED demon is doing the same and ‘trying to show you who is boss’. 

My suggestion would be to have a discussion with your D (at a quiet time in between meals) to ask her to try and explain what is happening - both physically and emotionally. Letting her put some words around it might deflate that ‘new face’. Next - probably at a different chat remind her that the vomiting is unacceptable and lost calories will be regiven. Perhaps you can change what you’re giving to her for a while - lasagna was very hard here for a very long time. Smaller portion of lasagna with a side of garlic bread or weirdly nuts - we do 200 cals of nuts as a side at breakfast and in salads most days. They pack such a punch and are small in size. 

In my Ds case the ‘outbursts’ were her AN demon making a point and when we addressed it later it was really as if she were possessed in the moment of the outburst and we needed to break it down for her and explain it wasn’t allowed but how we would help get her through it. She could spontaneously vomit and did so just about everywhere in the house including on me. 

On a a positive note - as many have said here - if you SEE ED you’re doing something right so keep on keeping on!! Sending you a big hug and a truckload of positive energy. 
I would also look closely at rumination syndrome as mentioned above. There have been a few parents who have had kids with this issue. Commonly after weight restoration and also without apparent other purging behaviours.  In their children it was associated with anxiety at the end of the meal and learning diaphragmatic breathing helped.There are a number of threads on this if you use the search tool. Clearly also keep an eye out for purging behaviours too. 
D diagnosed restrictive AN June 2010 age 13. Initially weight restored 2012. Relapse and continuously edging towards recovery. Treatment: multiple hospitalisations and individual and family therapy.
It's so hard to tell isn't it?  My daughter has gastroparesis and has episodes like this.  We've had to slow down eating a bit and try for less food with the same amount of calories.  Anxiety does play a huge part in it and when I wasn't sure if it was purging or anxiety, I'd tell her to sit with me, take a few deep breaths, distract like crazy, etc.  Diaphragmatic breathing helped too.